Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh The Mighty Have Fallen...

Well in a brighter side of things sopa/pipa will not be passing at all. It does seem that your senators/congress men do pay attention to what the voters have to say. On the down low the major site mega-upload has been seized by the FBI following a on-going two year investigation. This did happen however after the Jan 18th internet strike hosted by Google, YouTube,Mozilla Fire Fox but are not a result due the strike I just need to make that clear. It's also nice to see that the law does work, it's just takes a bit with that pesky due process business.

How does this even relate to anime/visual novels or even my site in general.. really it's kinda simple. People used this ddl site to get episodes of fan-subbed anime, visual novels or adult material with out having to through the hassles of finding a decent torrent. Is this activity illegal yes by all mean it is not matter how you try to defend it.

These works are copyrighted by their respected countries and where being downloaded for free while the people at mega-upload made a profit which is huge felony after they short out how much profit was gained off of said works. Hell it's damn crime to even think about downloading something that is copyrighted but hell there are not thought police or are there??

Random Cuteness To Cheer You Up!

However taking this site down as affected my bros over at tweaking umineko due in part most of  the mods being done where uploaded there so we are having a hard time finding another place to host these files at the moment. Now I will not go into a huge moral ass debate over what people decide to do with their internet bandwidth, God knows that I am not innocent of not doing this it's just one bad piece of news after another in January so far.

Hell this years cherry has barely been popped and most things are already in the can. On a positive note I don't see things getting any worse now but more ddl sites have pulled their asses out of America to avoid lawsuits as listed below, I wish you all well and hope February is better than this shitty month~

Fileserve - deleted multiple files, closed affiliate program. Filejungle, Uploadstation, all gone.

Filesonic - removed all sharing functionality

Videobb - closed affiliate program - blocked all USA IP addresses. - suspending accounts with copyrighted content

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  1. It is sad that Megaupload went down causing other file sites to block their services to America and end their affiliate programs etc. But your right, its good to kno wthat SOPA and PIPA have been put on hold.

    But there are alternate bills that are even worse and getting a rush like ACTA which is a treaty, that America has signed, just hasnt voted on it yet. And there is H.R. 1981 for America as well as another bill I forgot.

    Sweet blog btw. Followed. And if your wondering on how to bypass any internet block or laws, I have a post about it.