Friday, February 24, 2012

Just A Small Rant on Localization

Well Look At The Time~

I wish to bring up an issue that has been eating away at me for the moment, so much so I might skip out on a product I actually want. Yes this is me stepping on a soap-box for bit, so if you rants there's the door so get the hell out. One reason is the localization or name changes for the series"bombshells from the sky" to "cat planet cuties". The other title that got lost in translation is "b gata h kei" to "yamada's first time". The synopsis is on there official page so please try to me that's not hook line for an old 80's porno movie. In all honesty this is my face after reading it.

I understand that funimation is in the business to make money off of a niche product and most titles are a gamble, I fully understand that. Anyone with half of a brain that took basic economics classes in high school would be able to figure this much. However why would you give titles that sound like some cheesy porno's then use descriptions like these?? 

Is the marketing so at this time bad at this time to where you need to lower to such low standards.?? Is making the series sound like it solely bases sex is the only thing that will sell these titles??  The dirty truth is yes, funimation actually needs to resort to levels to sell these titles even if they have decent stories, characters or plots. No matter how popular anime becomes on the net it is still marginally a niche product in the west.

Sadly still anime it's self has a bad rep for being only being porn,  from main stream American's point of views. In my opinion this only adds fuel that fire but whatever with misconceptions but it will diminish over time. I'm just a consumer at this point in time that is refusing to buy these series unless I can order them online secretly, and hope no one finds them. So do you have thoughts/opinions on small localization issues like this, or is not an issue for you at all???

Need I Say More..

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-Cecil The Dark Knight.


  1. I wonder how well cheesy pornos really sell, as for the naming's all I can think of is that it could have been worse.

    1. still this bad enough i loved both of these show to warrant a purchase so.. eh... it's hard. I might buy yamada's first time since it got some decent reviews over at ann and even a shelf-life recommendation