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Growing up Is not that easy.. A review of Hanasaku Iroha

Look At That Smile
With the series nearly over I feel like it's time to review one of the better slice of life anime series for 2011 thus far. Hanasaku Iroha is a sweet done to earth, coming of age series, being animated from the small company P.A Works. This series is being done for P.A.'s year anniversary of being in the industry, although they are not big player in series like J.C.Staff or Studio Deen they mainly just do side work from big studios like I have just stated. The only other series worth mentioning they have done is Angel Beats, but you would have to be living under a rock not to know what that series is. There are also two different manga series in production from P.A.Works as well but from two different writers so who knows how each manga series will end.

Hanasaku Iroha main plot focuses around our main heroine Ohana. She is just an average high-school girl that lives an ordinary care-free life going to school with her child-hood friend Ko-chan that does want a change in her life "however she isn't going to expect a huge change like this". Her life was normal until her Irresponsible mother Satsuki, decides to run off with new boy-friend "without Ohana of course" thus forcing Ohana to abandon everything she has every known to live with her grandmother, giving Ohana the change in life she always wanted. Howeveris this the kind of change Ohana can handle or will fall under the pressure??? 

Our Three Leading Ladies
Ohana not once in her life has ever once meet her grandmother due to some circumstances between her lovely mother and grandmother .. "Oh gee I wonder why..." It's also due in part that her grandmothers lives in the countryside running a hot-spring inn called the Kissuisō, which happens to greatly resembles one from Taishō period. . Before Ohana leave's she has a long talk with Ko-chan and then he does something that most male leads hardly ever do..."He Confesses the love he has for her" Sadly Ohana is to startled by this news to give a answer right away and when she does later on "it's a tad to late.. or is it?" Now when Ohana gets to her new living accommodations in the countryside   she sees some weeds "or what she happens to think might be some"and decides to pull them out, then another one of female leads comes along Minko with a dark look on her face and just tells Ohana to die, due in part that where herbs not weeds "Still that's really harsh"
Sadly Ohana also discovers that she will not be living at the inn for free either. She will have to earn her stay by working there. Her Grandmother or Madam Manger has a very strict nature about her but given her age I can understand that, but still bitch slapping Minko and Ohana is a tad much for making a small mistake, however she does come from a time period where serving the customers and keep them happy is always right. The other character worth of mentioning is the quite/timid female waitress Nako-chan who started to work at the inn part-time in order to change her personality and become a stronger person "she also seems to have a crush on Ohana..". The last character worth mentioning is Toru-san who is a twenty three junior-chief that mainly helps prepare the meals and helps coach Minko to become a chief like himself "There is a love triangle here later on.. but that's something you'll find out on your own".

Aww Ohana and Ko-Chan
For a anime that that has already aired over twenty episodes, I am simply amazed that the quality of the animation, music and depth of character has kept up really strong. Now there are some drops epically in episode three due to another resident there being an "ero-wirter" but the series brushes it's self off and moves on past that with great coming of age story for Ohana, getting used to her new life. A great example of this would be when Ohana had to took charge over the Inn when her Uncial's Girl Friend was wrecking everything and chasing off customers. This happened when her grandmother got sick and had to go to the hospital to rest. Ohana was able regain some customers by following her grandmothers strict instructions in her manual for repeat guest thus proving she can do a good job when push comes to shove.

One other thing I wish to point for the series is the amazing animation that is on par if not above movie quality animation, if there are any drops in the over all quality it's not noticeable from me. The animation just flows fluidly  from one scene to another making it very pleasant to look at. Personnaly I have not seen any anime flow or be this well done since FLCL and that's an entirely different type of genre/series.The music for Hanasaku Iroha gets a worthy of mention although the OP and ED are just a little to unique for my taste. Now just like most shoujo series the bgm music plays a huge part for the series. People really don't realize how important this really is but this series flows it out beautifully to set up the mood, play off characters feelings when they don't speak or show their reactions to certain situations at hand. 

Do I Have To Choke A Bitch?
Some people might find Ohana an annoying/flaky character due to her indecisive attitude she has through out the series. "a great example of this would be when she finally meets back up with kou but is just unable to confess her feelings for him or when she is sick in bed and thinks that no one needs her." This will break for a lot of people form enjoying this show in general or even giving it a second glance or make people want to watch to see what's going to happen next. If you can-not connect to the main female lead then I am sure you can find another character in the series. Ohana ironically would be my character given her nature and despite her only being sixteen and female. I can just connect to her character on some level because of what she is going through in her life and that's what a decent narrative should do.

Overall this is a really decent coming of age anime that nearly anyone of both genders can enjoy. However I do wish point out. If your not a fan of shoujo/romance or slice of life series then don't even bother with this anime it's just not for you. It's heavily focused on these sub-genres in general so I just don't want to waste anyone's time is all. Personally I am really waiting to see how this series ends and I just hope it's going to have a decent ending. I could go on but that's all I have to say for this series, if you haven't decided to watch this series as of yet please re-consider in doing so. Well I will catch you all later and just ignore the post date.. I just did another time-leap. "Yes another cheesy Stein's Gate Reference"

No Context Needed...
-Cecil The Dark Knight

Rating: 4.5/5

Age Rating: 13+

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Back Home and Have Some Reviews Up

Yes after a long ten day trip I am finally back home in my state of "Kentucky". As promised I have a couple of reviews up and will do my best to have more up as soon as I can. This is not going to be a long post at all so just bare that in mind. If you see blank post up do not worry they will be finished asap just be patient, riding 10 hours in a truck is not something I like to do every day.  If you have also noticed , I have spiced up the site a bit so feel free to leave feed back about that.

Okay I have one of my newest reviews up, feel free to click the hyper links below. Feel free to leave any comments or questions that you may have on the review's pages not here people thank you for your time and understanding. I have my final review up for this week so feel free to take a look.

Professor Cherry


Cat Girl Alliance

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What I Plan To Watch for Summer 2011

Again This is not a review just a list of what t.v. series I plan to watch for this summer season 2011. Some shows will still be on-going like "Steins Gate" and "Hanasaku Iroha" which are up and available for legal streaming on "Crunchy Roll". As of now I have no clue who will be streaming these shows or if they will be a legal option for them at all. This is just a small primary list of what I plan to watch so feel free to add or tell me what you think I should watch as well and I will give it chance. All of the hyper links i am going to provide are to "ANN" with just brief summaries for each series, "yes I am being a lazy bastard about this, so sue me".

Okay here is the list as of now, although small I do hope to add some more if any other series happen to catch my interest.

 4.) Usagi Drop
 7.) R-15

I know that the list is really small compared to my spring list. However I feel that these are the shows that are worth my time. While there isn't much else I can say or list about these shows as now just follow the links to "ANN" or Wikipieda for more information. I will catch you all later and as a treat feel free to watch this trailer for Ro-Kyu-Bu! Moe~ Basket-Ball Desu!

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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Down In The South Carolina "Update Part Two".

Yes as you might of guessed I am still slumming it down here Anderson County in a Country Mill Community, in South Carolina. So if you read any of that to my surprise this is a bit of culture shock despite the fact that I am from Kentucky. Personally I have had so much fun being down here spending time with my sister and eating things that I am sure none of you have heard of, or will never will eat.

Mainly the things I have eaten down here that have caught my-eye is Fatback and Boiled Peanuts, see some pics below for examples for what I am talking about. Other than that I haven't been doing much expect for eating out every day at different local/regional restaurants. One for example is Zaxby's, which is only available in this part of the country. I will admit that their food is really good despite being all chicken "gee I wonder why this sounds familiar", I do however prefer the menu they have there lol.

So yeah everyone I am having a great time down here and sorry for this not being anime related. I will be back home this Saturday "6/25/11" So most of the reviews that I have been working on will be posted by then and also look forward to a little treat as well. Okay peace out everyone and enjoy your summer vacation.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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Higurahsi Kira One Ova Trailer Impressions.

Wow...Just wow Is all I have to say after watching these preview videos. I really don't know what say but I love the fact that most fans are raging and bawwing like little babies. What I am about to say is completely unprofessional, biased and just my own fucking opinion but people.. GET THE HELL OVER IT ALREADY. Jesus Christ, never before in my life have I been ashamed to be a fan of Higurashi, not due in part of this trailer but due in part how fans react. The T.V. anime has forty eight episodes with plenty of killing, murder, mystery and so forth. I would say more on this but I don't see a point in doing so, Just let it be known that I hate you dumb-asses.

Phew that feels a-lot better now due in part that I finally got that off of my chest. There are four ova's being produced by "Studio Deen" in works with "07th expansion" for the ten year anniversary of the initial launch of the franchise. The first ova will be released on July 21st 2011 and the other three will follow up until early next year. Despite this being a "Deen Quality Production", from what I have seen in the previews it looks really good compared the even the recent "Higurashi Rei Ova's" that came out in 2009. I will admit that it might be a tad different from what I am used to seeing from Higurashi, but still a break is still good. As of now I am still bit of skeptic myself to see how this is going to play out, but I still hold up some enthusiasm for this OVA.

Okay enough of me rambling on about this or that, you should know the drill by now people. Post your opinions of what you think or expecting from Higurashi Kira. However please do keep it civil or I will just delete the comments. One thing I will add is this..Is Japan really trying to kill me by making Rika and Satoko cute magical girls?? Okay, Peace out everyone and enjoy a couple of "Official Art-Work' that I managed to scrape up.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Oh one final word, if you have any problem with what I just posted take it up with rika-chan below. I promise that she will take "Good Care" of you guys.

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Father's Day 2011

So how can I sum up my Dad in a few choice words?? A bad ass mother-fuc*** that does not take shit from no one. My father is the type of person that stands up for what he believes and does not back down no matter how hard the problem is. Perhaps I am praising my father a little to much but it takes a real man to raise a child and marry a single mother like he did. "Yes you might of guessed he is my Step-Father", despite this fact no matter how I was conceived, he is still the person that helped raised me since I was two-three years old.

This is a small video tribute to him and no it's not anime related I am sorry, but me and my dad did watch Married W/ Children while I was growing up so this brings back so many great memories watching the show. Well I hope you enjoy this video, I also hope that your "Father's Day" was great like mine and you spent a lot of time with your Dad.

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A Review of the Clannad Visual Novel "True love, tragic loss, with the will power to make it Right"

The Official Xbox cover
This following review contains some minor spoilers on major aspects of the game. If you do not want to spoil yourself or skip past these spoilers I have highlighted in red for you all
This will be last big review so please take it slowly and just enjoy
I also have made info dump for those new to clannad. Also keep in mind this is an overview of the entire game not a review of a characters route.

Now Clannad's main story revolves around a high-school senior delinquent named Tomoya Okazaki who just all around hates where he lives the few people that are around him. This is due in part that his mother died in a horrible accident when he was young, and his father has never gotten over it to this day despite that ten years have passed. Tomoya's father also did happen get physical at one point with him thus making hugely estranged to the point that Tomoya avoids his father as much as possible now of out anger/disgust he has towards him.

 It wasn't until one day walking to school late he happens to see a beautiful girl named Nagisa Furukawa. She was talking to her self saying "Do you like this school??" She continues to talk to her-self "I really really do, but nothing...can remain the same forever." Tomoya interrupts her by saying "You just have to find it, right?" This little conversation he has with Nagisa will change the course of his life forever.

Depending on what you choose to do from this this point onwards will determine if you end up the main hereon Nagisa or another female character such as Tomoyo from your choice alone. They are needed to set up the essential plot points for everyone but there is one huge thing that leaves a lot people with their heads scratching, which is "Other World". This is a place where nothing can grow, nor can nothing give birth/live a lonely desolate world.

To explain this more simply think of this as Tomoya's feelings that are in his heart through at the course of the visual novel. It is suppose to represent how Tomoya is closed off and doesn't want anyone in his life. This is due in part of how much he has been hurt before in the past with his mother dying when he was a child or just being an overall delinquent wanting to forget his past or pain that he has went through in his life. I also want to point out due to time restraints I have only played two routes so far that would be Ibuki fukko's  and kotomi ichinose arcs.

The other world that is mentioned countless times or dream world changes depending on how you choose to play that also represents his actions of what good deeds or wishes that Tomoya grants for each person. By helping out people in every route or arc "hence the glowing orbs of light". There happen to be only two livable creatures in the "other world" a young girl and a small robot that is unable to speak. Both of these characters represent two very important characters in the physical world that leads to sad twist of fate later on that can only be changed by your actions alone.

I realize that I am praising clannad  to much however there is one thing that will keep some people away. No it's nothing nasty or sexual, it's the level of difficulty for the visual novel. Even for a seasoned veteran like myself was frustrated at points of what to do " I actually had to go online and use a hint guide to unlock certain points.". So to be nice I will go ahead and tell all of you one major thing. In order to get the best ending possible.

Moving on past the insane level of difficulty is something that I do happen to love which is the characters. I have stated three of the main characters but some others such as Tomoya's friend named Sunohara, who has to be the biggest comic relief character of all time and brings down some of the drama to make it bearable at some points. Even he Sunohara has his own arc in the game as well that is serious to discuss why he is living in the males sports dorm despite not being on any team. 

Kotomi and Tomoya..
The other honorable mention goes to Kotomi Ichinose who is a child-hood friend of Tomoya's . I do realize that this not original but it's handled very well over the course of her character arc which is worth a play through. The growth with Tomoya deserve a huge mention because of the way it was written/handled and the fact she is one of my favorite characters from this series so please excuse my bias here since her arc came second on my roster before spot checking this review.

One huge positive for this visual novel is the music score for this game. No visual novel even being produced in 2004 came close to the music score clannad has. Each piece is hugely diverse as well, from a fully voiced OP/Ed. Then it moves to something as simple as a character bgm, which could have piano or violin pieces of music. It truly displays the emotions for what's going on at the moment, I will flat out just say the music for Clannad it bumps it to a higher level beyond any normal visual novel still being produced to this day.

One last thing to mention is the artwork or visuals for Clannad. Unlike most that I am used to playing it is very bright, well drawn but there is one thing that does bother and that's the huge eyes. Despite this small flaw, everything is well drawn and holds up very well to other visual novels on the market  Each character has a very unique design or trait that does feel organic, despite some copy-paste tropes/designs from previous titles. One huge draw back is how they eyes are drawn and the over use of class room sprites. The eyes alone keep people a majority of people away, however you will overcome this once the story, characters and music absorb you into it's world making you want more.

Well that's all I have cover on  the clannad visual novel for now. Despite some of the flaws that I have mentioned the are not bad enough to hold this visual novel back from being a classic in this day and time. I really do wish there was a legal way to play this game besides using torrents/mounting software at this point in time. You can import the original or voiced version  two hundred dollars usd, however I highly doubt any of you want to spend that huge amount of money on just one visual novel. 

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Artwork: 4/5

Characters: 5/5

Story/Plot: 5/5

Music: 5/5

Game-Play: 3/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Age Rating 15+

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Down In South Carolina

No this is not anime related in any way shape or form "not unless you count the header image", if you thought it was then you wen the "Dumb ass of the year award." Yeah sorry for being such a douche..Oh wait I'm not.. just joking people. I am actually enjoying myself this time for once in my life away from anime/vn/manga and it actually feels nice doing so. Connecting with my sister I never have a chance to grow up with up and seeing her side of family is actually getting me out this damn depression I have stuck in for while for which I am highly grateful for.

Getting all of this aside I will be going fishing for the next three days so if you do not see any post what so ever you can guess why. Don't worry I am still playing Clannad "..Key why do you do this to me?"  I am still trying to think of what to do for the review due in part of how many routes there are. As I mentioned in my last post there will be a review up for one of the worst eroges I have played in long time so look for that in the next two-three days. Okay people have fun during your summer break because I know that I am and off the record "I am hoping to finally score some ass". Peace out people and have fun watching this creepy as video.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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Fall 2011 Anime

This awesome season of anime for spring 2011 is wrapping up pretty soon, thus summer shows will start airing soon. Even though spring is about to end I am just surprised to see the chart for Fall 2011 up so soon. As of now, the only show I think that I will be watching is Fate/Zero, Shana season 3 and the Higurahi Ova's as well. Other than that I am not to sure until some PV videos pop up for the shows. I just feel like giving up a heads up for you guys, my summer watch list up when I get back from my vacation. Okay people I wish you fun and just comment on what you want to watch.

-Cecil The Dark Knight.

Edit update: Newest/Final Chart

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Time for My First Manga Review Ever "Chobits"

I know that this is something that usually do not care about or choose to cover, but I can no longer pass it up anymore. Normally I would never review a manga/graphic novel but I have a special reason for doing so. It has been ten years since the initial release of manga in Japan thus giving me reason to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the series. I also have some personal reasons, do due in part this is the first magna that I have  read all the way through, due in part it was given to me from a dear friend in my senior year of high-school.

Okay getting all of my personal feeling of this series aside lets get on with an overview for it. Chobits is a series created from the well known group "Clamp", who have done such great series like "Card CaptorSakura" and "Code Geass ". The manga was first serialized in “Young Magazine” and published by “Kodansha” from Feb. 14th 01 until Nov.29th 02. Later eight paper-back volumes was released in Japan and where localized/published in English by “Tokyo Pop” in 2003 released bi annually through out the year.

Now due to the fact that Tokyo Pop is no longer being in business "Dark Horse Comics" decided to pick-up/renew the license and is releasing it in big "Omnibus" collections with re-translations as well. As usual there is a an anime adoption as well that aired on "TBS" from April 2002 until September 2002, with a total of twenty six episodes. Funimation has just recently released the series on DVD/Bluray set. I highly suggest picking the anime as well, but I will not be reviewing that as of now guys/gals.

Getting this out of the way lets focus on the plot for the series, which by today's standards is rather generic due to harem and ecchi elements. The setting takes place in science fiction type world where all computers have persona's or human form called "Persocoms". They are mainly like any other type of PC but with the ability to talk, give directions, play games with their master "no not those type of games you sick bastards". 

There happens to be talk of a rare kind of Perscom called a "Chobit", which is able to think, learn, feel and even rumored to the ability to return love as well "but is this love real?". Now you might of guessed that the main focus of our story is just a typical shojo romance manga/anime which to something that most people hate.To be honest I usually avoided this genre until now and I am highly regretting it for doing so due in part of all the good stories/shows that I have missed over the years.

Moving to a short synopsis of the main story which is about our average male lead “Hideki Motosuwa” who has to move from the country side to Tokyo. He moved here due in part that the college he applied for, thus forcing him to go an “Cram-School” for a year. On Hideki's visit to the big city he is astonished to see "Persocoms" or personal PC's everywhere and how expensive they are thus dashing his hopes to ever owning one "I do think 5,000 dollars for a basic model is tad much."

A few weeks pass by Hidieki gets an apartment and job so lets move on to that. He finishes up a late night shift at his part-time job, at a pub called my pleasure. He works with a young high school senior named " Yumi Omura" that has a crush on him "thus the reason why she calls him "Senpai". On Hideki's on the way home he finds a beautiful girl in the trash, that he happens to think is a murder victim.Upon closer inspection it turns out the girl is a "Perscom" and decides to take her home instead of letting her rot away in the garbage. 

When Hideki gets home, he looks all over her body, for a way to turn her on.. "yes this pun is intended" and finds that her on switch is.. well between her legs. I do suppose this is one way to turn a lady on " I mean that literally". After she wakes up the said girl hugs Hideki only saying the word "Chi" which he decides to name her, "I guess it better than calling her blonde bimbo."  This huge turn of events will change/impact Hideki's life forever. 

On to a little more on Hideki's personal life, he lives in single room apartment which make things more fun due in part, that will be next impossible to keep something like this a secret from his land lady " Chitose Hibiya" and his neighbor " Hiromu Shinbo". Hideki goes the same cram school and Shinbo has his own personal mini persocom, named " Sumomo" which is basically just a laptop computer. There are many other characters and story elements that I would love to introduce but I do not feel like spoiling the rest of the story for you. I have set up the basics for the plot and it's up to you if you want to read/watch this or not.

Alright people even with these hugely used generic tones and flaws that are present the industry today, I will say this at the time this was new and interesting for me. Even after ten years since the entail release of the series in Japan, I still find Chobits to be amusing, funny and charming to read due in part of how the characters and story is handled. This could have been another cheap/generic harem at the time but looking back I am happy that Clamp took the high ground and said no.  Everyone in this series and I do mean everyone ends up with some else in the end, which is something I have yet to see again. I am willing to admit that there is a lot of fan service shots "epically with Chi and Yumi" focusing on their panties/swimsuits but I am willing to look past this, mainly due in part even I need some eye candy time to time.

For now I only own the original release from Tokyo-Pop and despite my collection setting around for nearly ten years. The art-work for the series still holds up and even surpasses current manga that are coming out now. Through all of the series not once did I notice a quality drop from chapter to chapter. I do realize that I am giving it to much praise but one flaw I can point out is how some of the story has serous plot holes here and there. This also  take a lot of understating in computers/technology to get a lot of references that are used so you might need to re-read some parts more than once. I have to also give props due in part that every character ends up with some-one thus negating the sour taste from a harem ending.

One of the huge reasons I re-read this manga is due in part of the story, and the lesson that it teaches. I usually do not care for lessons or what a show has to teach but this still has a big impact on my life, even till this day, "yes this going to be corny so just deal with it". I learned that you should love some one for who they are, not for what they are. You have to look pass they people look and try to love them despite them of their race, culture, and religious beliefs. This had a huge impact on me at the time in 2004 and I just wish that I could find "the only one meant for me". Okay that's enough ass kissing my only problem with the series is that it ends in a cliffhanger, I wish that clamp did a better job on this but at least it wasn't a "Bitter-Sweet Ending" making me personally happy. Have fun watching the OP for the anime below guys/gals.

That's all I have to say on this people, there is nothing else I can add or take away from my thoughts on this manga series. Yes I have such a huge biased on this series I do realize this but I needed to get this review out of my system. I know it seems that I only review shows that I like so far but believe me you, will see some non kiss ass reviews soon enough. Chobits is just such a huge nostalgia trip me that this review needed to be done. I will some more reviews up soon, right now I am working on review for one of the worst eroges I have ever played.

-Cecil The Dark Knight
-Rating 4/5
-Age Rating 16+

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Review of Amorous Professor Cherry.."This Is My Fetish"...

As you might have guessed from the image above, the name of this eroge is called “Amorous Professor Cherry”. This review/eroge in no way, shape or form meant for people under the age of 18 “so leave if you are under-age.” So what is this masterpiece about??  If you have a half-brain “which I highly doubt”, this is about a high school senior named “Kouta Koikawa” that has a sexual desire to bang his home-room teacher “Chieri Hase”. This eroge is not going to win any awards for originality or character development what so ever but that doesn’t mean that I hated this eroge.

Professor Cherry was originally released in Japan on August 8th 2004 from ZyX Publishing and designed/drawn by "Tadayuki Kudo". The North American release was published by "Jast Usa" from the localization company "G-Collections" on June 31st 2008. The requirements to play this game are hardly worth mentioning however I will point one thing out, even a "Net-Book" can from 2008 can run this game just fine. That's all I can really say on this game info wise so let's get the review rolling.

Like most eroges from "ZyX" this is  just a standard "bishojo game" with little in the choice department. You do however seem to have a little more freedom/choices than earlier title such as "My Step Sister Hitomi" but even then for this genre it feel like it's lacking in some areas. With only three main story arc's don't expect to much in the way of replay value either. One example I can provide is use of overly generically used characters. Take for example Kouta's "Child-Hood Friend" Yorii Kiyoka, now being a child hood friend is generic enough but it's the fact that she is such a tsundere "basically she wants his dick" that it actually hurt my brain in some points. I am not going to lie to when that I have a fetish for tsunderes but try to make it less obvious.

Going back up for a bit, despite the fact that this eroge is nearly ten years old the character designs and v.a.'s are not that bad to look at/listen to. Sadly lets go back down again due in part that the music in this ergoe is just bad, just plain bad. I could not force myself to like any of the bgm tracks what soever, nor could stand to listen to the cheesy music every time an erotic scene popped up, "yes that was intended". The only other part that drags this down is the amount of arc's/story. Overall there are really only three main arcs in total, one for each girl of course and some do over lap for fun which levels out to be your average seven to ten ending fare.

On a personal note however, one of the stronger points in the game is due part that the two out of three of the ladies that you choose from are over the age of twenty this time around. I will not lie and say that I don't mind the "High School Girl Choices". However I just find it to be tad naughtier to see some older woman this time around "hence why this is my fetish". I will also give the game props on the other teacher in the game Kanai Mamiko who happens to be very aggressive and gets what she wants if you catch my drift. The last high point is the "corny dialogue", such as Cheri saying "wow so this is penis" or "You can suck on it?" This maybe badly written to some but I find it t be comedy gold.

What else can I say about eroge? It's average, non ground breaking and just plain "comfort food". I do like to go back and play some of these older eroges for the sake of nostalgia and do get some minimal enjoyment out them if at all possible. Now would i recommend this eroge to anyone?? Sure if your a beginner and haven't played that many as of yet feel free to check this one out  If you are more seasoned player "like myself" then don't even bother, unless you have thing for teachers. Well that's it everyone, I hoped you enjoyed reading this review and until next time, peace out.

Rating 3/5

Age Rating 18+

Hint Guide

 -Cecil The Dark Knight

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I am Doing Now "a small update for June 2011"

 As of now for June 2011 not much has changed from the previous months. All I have really been doing is just playing some more adult visual novels such as "Flyable-Heart" and "Yume Miru Kusuri". Now none of these games are going to win an Emmy for writing, nor will  they win "game of the year awards." I will give props to Yume Miru Kusur due to the nature/how the story plays out on such extreme levels to the point that even I was afraid of what choice to make because either your lover will live or die based on those choices.

The only other thing that I have been doing is using Net-Flix to watch shows from when I was kid. This brings back so much nostalgia for me to watch see some of my all time favorite shows, after so many years which makes me so happy. Also to the large array of anime to detective drama such as "Law and Order SVU", with this amount of shows that are available I have no use for cable t.v. anymore. I know this sounds pretty boring but such is my life as of now, the only relative update that I can give you guys, is that I will be out of town form the 6/15-6/25 so there will be next to any post during that time. Oh feel free to enjoy this new from School-Days HQ.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Top Five For Spring 2011

These are not reviews in any way, shape or form. All I am doing is listing my top six picks for the spring line up for 2011. I highly recommend these series to anybody, and I will have my reviews up for the ones not listed at a later date. I Personally Believe that this spring has been one the best seasons since 2005/2006 and I would list more but I don't have the time to list/review that many series.

Okay lets get get started with this I will be providing links to legal streams or site info, if they are available.

5.) Stein's Gate

This is all I have to recommend for this spring, but of course there are other fun shows to watch as well. I will keep you all up posted/updated on these shows as much as I can. I hope that your enjoying this spring season as much as I am guys/gals, so peace out everybody and have a good time.

-Cecil The Dark Knight 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

..What did I just play..

Official Box Art

Cat Girl Alliance or Koneko Doumei as it is known in Japan is a eroge developed by Sekilala and published by CD Bros on February 2nd 2004 . The American Localization was taken care by CG Collections and Published by Jast USA on February 8th 2010 with a full uncut release.   The spec requirements for this eroge "like many in the genre" are a joke so I really do not see you having any problem getting this to work on any PC that is fourteen years or older that you may have lying around. 

So is there any thing good about this eroge?? Hmm.. Lets see I will give it three props on being the most kinky eroge I have run across in a long time but sadly, but having to much of erotica and no plot just makes for a badly conceived drivel. The second prop I can give that cg is very well done with any unnoticeable drops in quality. The third or last high point I wish to point to out that the erotica secession them selves are very well done "from the bondage to the wax dripping etc". If I was much younger this would tickle my fancy more, however these are only the high points I can even add for this eroge/visual novel.

A Typical High-school Club??

Okay enough BS Now on the plot "if one can be even be scrapped from this" is about our unlikely male lead Eiji Tachibana who happens to hear some weird noises one day after school, in the nurses station. To his amazement he sees to students on the sick bed, fucking of course but to Eiji's surprise it was two girls going at it. What makes it more bizarre is the fact one of the girls Rumi Takahata has a penis "yes there is a little futa in this eroge as well". So what does our sensible male lead do after seeing this??

Our wonderful male lead Eiji whips out his cock and beats his meat while Rumi is pounding shit out of our female lead Natsuki Misawa. After a few erotic scenes past Eiji shoot's off a huge load that hits the ceiling and runs away like a little pussy. The next day Eiji is called out by Rumi out to the nurses station to join there special "After-school club". Where a group of five high school seniors have nasty kinky sex every day..."Okay now where do I sign up for this" That's the original thing I can add for this eroge and that's saying a lot coming from a guy like me. 

At least it's pleasant to look at.

So with such a wonderful set-up like that you can guess where this is heading, if not get your damn head checked out already. Ninety Percent of this game is just sex upon sex with next to plot what so ever. I guess the high-light that I can give for eroge is that's not bad to look, but it's nice also nice look at the sun but we knows what happens if you stare to long. Not even the BGM or Soundtrack in this eroge is worth mentioning either but it's a tad better than Professor Cherry's bgm track, due in part  of the piano music pieces. So is there anything positive I can add for Cat Girl Alliance? Well if your a eight-teen year old kid in need of quick beat off then I highly recommend you play this or try to buy a hooker for the night instead.

Okay that's all I can bear to stand on covering this shitty game. If you haven't got clue that this game is shit then be my guest and buy it from the link below, or just torrent it if you wish. I know this review is not as long or in detail as the previous ones but this was just a damn pain to even write. I just needed to get this out the way so you do realize that I do not see all eroges/vn in the same light. To be a truly great eroge or visual novel in general you need a good story/plot that's also entertaining. You truly need to care for the characters, want to achieve a goal of seeing them happy, however Cat Girl Alliance does not have this either these requirements so hence my loathsome distaste for it... Well that's it for this review so excuse me while i beat my head against desk for the next three hours.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Rating 2/5

Age Rating 18+