Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Higurahsi Kira One Ova Trailer Impressions.

Wow...Just wow Is all I have to say after watching these preview videos. I really don't know what say but I love the fact that most fans are raging and bawwing like little babies. What I am about to say is completely unprofessional, biased and just my own fucking opinion but people.. GET THE HELL OVER IT ALREADY. Jesus Christ, never before in my life have I been ashamed to be a fan of Higurashi, not due in part of this trailer but due in part how fans react. The T.V. anime has forty eight episodes with plenty of killing, murder, mystery and so forth. I would say more on this but I don't see a point in doing so, Just let it be known that I hate you dumb-asses.

Phew that feels a-lot better now due in part that I finally got that off of my chest. There are four ova's being produced by "Studio Deen" in works with "07th expansion" for the ten year anniversary of the initial launch of the franchise. The first ova will be released on July 21st 2011 and the other three will follow up until early next year. Despite this being a "Deen Quality Production", from what I have seen in the previews it looks really good compared the even the recent "Higurashi Rei Ova's" that came out in 2009. I will admit that it might be a tad different from what I am used to seeing from Higurashi, but still a break is still good. As of now I am still bit of skeptic myself to see how this is going to play out, but I still hold up some enthusiasm for this OVA.

Okay enough of me rambling on about this or that, you should know the drill by now people. Post your opinions of what you think or expecting from Higurashi Kira. However please do keep it civil or I will just delete the comments. One thing I will add is this..Is Japan really trying to kill me by making Rika and Satoko cute magical girls?? Okay, Peace out everyone and enjoy a couple of "Official Art-Work' that I managed to scrape up.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Oh one final word, if you have any problem with what I just posted take it up with rika-chan below. I promise that she will take "Good Care" of you guys.


  1. I think it'll be good.
    It's nice to see Rika and Hanyuu finally having a fun life.
    Unfortunately I can't help but feel the same way about this as I did at the start of 'We Without Wings'
    I think something bad will happen.
    Of course, it doesn't seem to be based on an chapter already out so I have no idea if it will be all smiles or if Rika's attempts at a good world were worthless

  2. pretty much true but you have to remember this is just for the fans, no sense in doing more murder/killing but that's just me.

  3. Fuck yeah, fan-fags should just shut up and take it if they're real fans. A Higurashi-slice of life isn't at all bad after all the blood.
    Can't wait, can't fukken wait.

    PS: You used one of my posters, me is embarrassed. >=D