Friday, June 10, 2011

A Review of Amorous Professor Cherry.."This Is My Fetish"...

As you might have guessed from the image above, the name of this eroge is called “Amorous Professor Cherry”. This review/eroge in no way, shape or form meant for people under the age of 18 “so leave if you are under-age.” So what is this masterpiece about??  If you have a half-brain “which I highly doubt”, this is about a high school senior named “Kouta Koikawa” that has a sexual desire to bang his home-room teacher “Chieri Hase”. This eroge is not going to win any awards for originality or character development what so ever but that doesn’t mean that I hated this eroge.

Professor Cherry was originally released in Japan on August 8th 2004 from ZyX Publishing and designed/drawn by "Tadayuki Kudo". The North American release was published by "Jast Usa" from the localization company "G-Collections" on June 31st 2008. The requirements to play this game are hardly worth mentioning however I will point one thing out, even a "Net-Book" can from 2008 can run this game just fine. That's all I can really say on this game info wise so let's get the review rolling.

Like most eroges from "ZyX" this is  just a standard "bishojo game" with little in the choice department. You do however seem to have a little more freedom/choices than earlier title such as "My Step Sister Hitomi" but even then for this genre it feel like it's lacking in some areas. With only three main story arc's don't expect to much in the way of replay value either. One example I can provide is use of overly generically used characters. Take for example Kouta's "Child-Hood Friend" Yorii Kiyoka, now being a child hood friend is generic enough but it's the fact that she is such a tsundere "basically she wants his dick" that it actually hurt my brain in some points. I am not going to lie to when that I have a fetish for tsunderes but try to make it less obvious.

Going back up for a bit, despite the fact that this eroge is nearly ten years old the character designs and v.a.'s are not that bad to look at/listen to. Sadly lets go back down again due in part that the music in this ergoe is just bad, just plain bad. I could not force myself to like any of the bgm tracks what soever, nor could stand to listen to the cheesy music every time an erotic scene popped up, "yes that was intended". The only other part that drags this down is the amount of arc's/story. Overall there are really only three main arcs in total, one for each girl of course and some do over lap for fun which levels out to be your average seven to ten ending fare.

On a personal note however, one of the stronger points in the game is due part that the two out of three of the ladies that you choose from are over the age of twenty this time around. I will not lie and say that I don't mind the "High School Girl Choices". However I just find it to be tad naughtier to see some older woman this time around "hence why this is my fetish". I will also give the game props on the other teacher in the game Kanai Mamiko who happens to be very aggressive and gets what she wants if you catch my drift. The last high point is the "corny dialogue", such as Cheri saying "wow so this is penis" or "You can suck on it?" This maybe badly written to some but I find it t be comedy gold.

What else can I say about eroge? It's average, non ground breaking and just plain "comfort food". I do like to go back and play some of these older eroges for the sake of nostalgia and do get some minimal enjoyment out them if at all possible. Now would i recommend this eroge to anyone?? Sure if your a beginner and haven't played that many as of yet feel free to check this one out  If you are more seasoned player "like myself" then don't even bother, unless you have thing for teachers. Well that's it everyone, I hoped you enjoyed reading this review and until next time, peace out.

Rating 3/5

Age Rating 18+

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 -Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. I have a thing for teachers and I'm a beginner so I think this is right up my alley.

  2. While teacherxstudent is one of my fave eroge genres, I would probably feel the same as Cecil. Even the folks up at comic con who were selling a variety of eroge merchandise didn't point out Professor Cherry as their most recommended but for those who are mostly in it for the visual content, you might enjoy this game. They seem to have the same artistic style as the Sagara Family, which is what they recommended for me instead.

  3. Fucking fail review. You condescend to the reader about their intelligence when this is merely about people having sex. DERP!

  4. Oh god, I was eating when the page loaded, nearly choked...

  5. I don't know man, I don't see how an eroge could be anything more than interactive hentai, or soft porn or whatever you want to call it :/ Not really something I think is worth your time reviewing

  6. O.o wow wow man i was happy while ths page was loading bt i'm kinda shocked to see ths srry and i dont hav anythin 4 teachers i respect thm

    ~ CrimsonHAter from crunchyroll

  7. All the hentai I see involving teachers has the students making them their toy. Which I dont mind at all.

    But I prefer 1 on 1.

    ANd Im Superluccix from Crunchyroll