Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beta Patch For Umineko Is Up

Stand Back and Observe
As I previously stated I am helping to promote a sprite/background patch for the first four arcs of umineko. The original project is long since dead and due to my lack of knowledge in programming/modding this is all I can do for the people over at Tweaking Umineko Wiki. As of now there are there parts up for the patch that you will need to download in order to make this work, when I get the chance I will create a torrent file on nyaa torrents and seed the best I am able to. So let's give a big round of applause to those that have made this possible, and lets look forward to a complete patch here in the future. 

In order to make these patches work as I just stated you will need to download three separate files that will be listed below. After you download the files make sure to re-name them the correct name and put them in the English [wh] patch folder or else the patches will not work at all. Their website has more clear/laid out instructions on how to do this so go to their site and slowly READ on how to do it. I also wish to apologize on my lack of reviews as of late, but I have some major personal issues going on so it can't be helped. Catch you all later and wish me luck.

Edit: I have done a small update to add more links for the voice patch and you-tube page. There are still things to be done for this patch, I will do my best to keep you all informed and updated to the best of my ability. Update: 9/4/11

Yes This Is Your Fate Battler..

Beta Patch Proof

Much Better

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Text Patch

Sprite Patch

Background Patch

Tweaking Umineko Wiki

Voice Patch Part One

Voice Patch Part Two

You-Tube Page

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Promoting The Ps3 To PC Patch For Umineko

I So Want This Van
This goes way back to the beginning of my blog mainly on the Ps3 to Pc Umineko Patch. The person that has been doing seems to have stop completely leaving the project dead. However it seems that some people at the site where it stated have decided to pick it back up to make sure that the Umineko fans can fully enjoy the visual novel in glorious 1080p. This does however contradict my support for the localization of the game from NISA, but that's still a long-shot after all.I however legally own the PC and Ps3 versions so I really don't see a problem here. 

Moving on past that, the person in charge of the project is known as Saq is doing the main project. A link to his site will be provided below as well as some samples of his work so far. That's All I have to say on this subject for now, I will keep you updated with the progression of the project and provide a link once it's fully done.

Partial Patch Beta Pic

Project Page

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking For A Job

All Puppies Need A Home
Yeah I am just posting more personal things that are going on in my-life, I do realize I didn't make this blog for that I just need to vent for a bit so feel free to read if you choose. In my current state I have been out of Job for over a year now do to my own stupidity. Being out of work this long has made me soft, lazy and just all around useless for this past year. Now I am back out looking for a job at any place that is willing to hire me, even it's stuck at just minimum or above that wage. My hobbies aren't cheap and they aren't going to fund themselves after all, unless I can get a job writing reviews professionally or fixing windows based computers.

Edit: I have done an initial interview with a person to help me to find a Job from Good Will Ind. This might be my only chance at getting a job right now, however this is all I can do for the time being. So everyone please wish me the best of luck. 9/11/10

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Legit/Legal Way To Read Manga Online

J-Manga's Launch
Yes I am promoting a new legit/legal site that is legally hosting digital copies of manga online called J-Manga "however this is for people state side only so learn to proxy if you need to". Much like any other site like crunchy roll, hulu plus etc you need to pay a monthly fee of ten dollars to accesses most of the content. However there is a catch.. your monthly subscription comes with a points/voucher that you are allowed to spend. 
The points allow you to buy chapters of certain series that are currently hosted on their site and one huge plus is that they are doing series that have never been published in paper back state side, so this is great exposure for the series. On a down side only being allowed a certain amount of points per month does limit what one is able to buy and what is exposed. I do like the premise of this site and hope for the best.

Cecil The Dark Knight

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How Fragile Our System Really Is

Self Realization On This

Well after sitting in the dark for nearly eight hours with out anything to eat... I just got to thinking how fragile our little civilization really is. All it takes is three simple things go completely down so I will just list them. Now if the internet to go completely down, "personally I grew up with out the net but we have all come so accustom to it that's it's just to ingratiated in our lives now." Now some examples would be that people would be unable to do their  stay at home jobs, take online classes, sell stuff online, streaming movies/videos and digital distribution would be completely gone as well, It's kinda staggering when you get to really thinking about it.

Indeed Rika-Chan

The Second thing is just what I went through, it's something that people have really grown used to in the past one hundred years... can you guess what it is.. it's electricity. So much of our daily lives rely heavily on electrical devices that to be frank if our power grids ever fell were fucked. There would be no way to keep food cold, no way to contact people over the phone, no way to pump gas for cars or keep our lovely prison population locked up. Yeah... I am borrowing a bit from one of George Carlin's act but he does make a good point about something else as well... Given our nature we would start looting, killing, raping, because there would not be a way to stop us, no power=no police force.

Most Likely This Would Happen

The last  thing is just a nail in the coffin or cream on the cake. This would be no quick way to clean water. Sure we could adapt with natural gas to run some power or go with nuclear power but if we have no accesses to clean water then let the riots begin. One of the main reasons is due in part that there hardly any if at all cleans sources of water left because of our progression we have made which has left most of the rivers highly toxic/polluted, dear lord I sound like a damn green Eco Freak.. This is just some examples of what can happen to our little fragile system.. Three simple things can just make our mighty society fall so damn easily.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doing Reviews For Jast-Usa~

Jast-Usa's Official Banner

This is something really personal but I do feel like sharing this with everyone, I have been offered a small job offer from Jast-Usa, to review press release copies of their games. To be honest this is something that I need to put a-lot of thought into. On one hand I will be able to make some extra money doing something I already like to do. However I will be required to reviews up at a certain point in time so this will no longer be any time to waste on writing a review like I have been doing lately, " I am truly sorry about that". Well that's all I have to share with everyone I will keep you posted/updated if anything else major comes up.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Below is the e-mail they sent me in response on the Call to The Press


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Support The Ps3 Localization of Umineko

Official Art-work From The Game
Yeah I know this goes way back to a post that I made about three months ago, about the Ps3-PC patch for Umineko. Well as of now it seems that project is officially on a permanent hiatus and some other things have come to light on the subject. It seems that there is a-lot of support on the Nisa forums to bring over the game state side legally. I recently just bought a legal copy of the PC version for the core arc's "one through four" and I am currently playing through the second arc right now with the witch-hunt translation

Don't Mind Me, I am Just Being A Boss

That little bit aside If anyone can sign up and show support and help to bring this better version over legally please do, I will do my support by hosting links, trailers etc for the Ps3 version of the game. I am not going to sit here lie by saying this isn't a long-shot but come on everyone do the impossible, believe the unenviable, row row fight da power. Well I will catch catch you all around here soon and until next time, peace out everyone.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Show Your Support "Nisa"
Ps3 Opening For Umineko

Friday, August 5, 2011

Stein's Gate VN Progress

OST Cover
This is just a small update to let you all know that the Stein's Gate Visual Novel is getting a few visual novel English translation from a hard/dedicated group. This is the only other visual novel besides Higurahsi/Umineko and Clannad that I can openly recommend to the all ages audience as well. That aside I am really exited about their small amount of progress they have made so far. I have already ordered my copy for the p.c. version from Japan so when the full translation is up that will be even more time taken out of my life. Stein's Gate also happens to be one of the best spring/summer shows for 2011 and I will have my review covering the show up soon, although it's posted on earlier date so I will provide a hyper-link for the review soon.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Translation Site

Official Patch

Steins Gate Anime Opening Hacking Into The Gate

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

R7's New Visual Novel Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni

Looks Interesting...Another Female Lead .. Hmm

Well all I can say is that I am happy that 7th Expansion is working on a new sound visual novel for this years summer's Comiket, which will be this Coming Thursday August 11th. As of now I am not really sure what the series is going to be about nor do I know when a fan-translation will begin for this series but pre-orders are already available on-line for the game but I will just bide my time and see if group is going to pop up for series. One thing I do know is that this is based off of manga from R7 and 7th Expansion so being the fan-boy that I am there I will be giving some major support there. personally I do hope that it does not have a huge troll ending like Umineko had in arc eight twilight of the golden witch. Well that's it just a small update and some-thing I am actually excited about, I will keep you all updated on how the game will turn out.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Pre-Order A Copy

Edit One: I do have a small update, I manged to find the opening for game. From what I can gather it's another high-school anime but with a murdering twist.. Also from what I have seen from the manga it's rather brutal so it's not for the faint of heart.. just how I like it

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mayo Chiki Upadte For Epiosde Four

Your Little Sister Is On To You..

Mayo Chiki has to be one of the most over the top cliched shows this season. However I still find it to be very enjoyable unlike some other shows this season. I just caught up on episode four of the show and I have to say the female lead is an actual enjoyable character this time around, unlike other harem/romance anime that have been coming out lately.  A bad example of this would be the bitchy female lead from Ore No Imouto. However I don't feel like ranting about that now, on to a brief summary for each episode, and I will try to keep them brief.. If possible

Episode four mainly focused on the relation-ship between Kinjiro and Subaru which really brings it up there, despite Kinjiro being dense as a black-hole.. well for moment anyways. The episode starts out with Kinjiro answering the door to see that Subaru has been kicked out of her house/job due in part of Kanade's wonderful nature "It's all Just a part of  her sadistic nature after all." This turns out to be a typical episode with misunderstandings due in part all of Kinjiro's relatives are not not home, his sister is off on camp retreat while his mom is doing something over-sea's.. heh this just writes it's self.

...Just So Moe~
I will be honest with you seeing Subaru act all dere or nice/cute like in the pic above.. it's just to much for my body to handle. Moving on past that Kinjiro's sister comes back home to catch both of them in the bathroom together but due to how dense his sister is, she still thinks Subaru is still a guy and nearly faints seeing him/her in the bathtub. So was there anything special this time around?? Eh not really but the relation-ship between both of these characters did grow a-lot and I just hope they end up together despite the huge surprise at the end of the episode, where Kanade out of no where kisses Kinjiro. Even this happened to catch me a little off guard.. but maybe it will turn out for the best.

Well This Is Going To Be Fun!!


Monday, August 1, 2011

What!!!!.. it's over 9000????!!!!!! Hit's keep on growing

This Pleases Lady-Bern!
So hmm it seems that over ten thousand people have visited my little site so far in only five short months. Yeah i am sorry for the dragon ball z pun in the title about it being over nine thousand but I didn't know what else to say... I am just very surprised to be honest with you.. but then again I am trying my best to run this site at the best of my ability. So.. what am I going to be doing as of now.. well hmm.. I am still working on some reviews and I will have those up soon as I am able to, just refer to my previous post to see what's going to be posted, so check back daily. Well thank you everyone for the ten thousand plus hits and I hope this blog continues grow thanks to you all.
-Cecil The Dark Knight

Below is the weirdest op from one of the most mind-fu** series I have ever seen, well before Higurashi that is.. So feel free to enjoy this

Paranoia Agent Op