Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking For A Job

All Puppies Need A Home
Yeah I am just posting more personal things that are going on in my-life, I do realize I didn't make this blog for that I just need to vent for a bit so feel free to read if you choose. In my current state I have been out of Job for over a year now do to my own stupidity. Being out of work this long has made me soft, lazy and just all around useless for this past year. Now I am back out looking for a job at any place that is willing to hire me, even it's stuck at just minimum or above that wage. My hobbies aren't cheap and they aren't going to fund themselves after all, unless I can get a job writing reviews professionally or fixing windows based computers.

Edit: I have done an initial interview with a person to help me to find a Job from Good Will Ind. This might be my only chance at getting a job right now, however this is all I can do for the time being. So everyone please wish me the best of luck. 9/11/10

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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