Sunday, August 21, 2011

Promoting The Ps3 To PC Patch For Umineko

I So Want This Van
This goes way back to the beginning of my blog mainly on the Ps3 to Pc Umineko Patch. The person that has been doing seems to have stop completely leaving the project dead. However it seems that some people at the site where it stated have decided to pick it back up to make sure that the Umineko fans can fully enjoy the visual novel in glorious 1080p. This does however contradict my support for the localization of the game from NISA, but that's still a long-shot after all.I however legally own the PC and Ps3 versions so I really don't see a problem here. 

Moving on past that, the person in charge of the project is known as Saq is doing the main project. A link to his site will be provided below as well as some samples of his work so far. That's All I have to say on this subject for now, I will keep you updated with the progression of the project and provide a link once it's fully done.

Partial Patch Beta Pic

Project Page

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. Hey, Saq here, thanks alot. BTW if you ever need to contact me I have a livejournal at

  2. it's awesome that saq here is working on patching the graphics. Battler looked really goofy in that screenshot to me. Perhaps it's because I watched the anime

  3. The main site seems to be down now, for "reasons" but I will host and seed what needs to be done for this project to take off. I will not let this die, not now not ever.

  4. Don't worry Cecil. We won't let this project die. Just look forward to our first patch on Thursday.