Friday, April 22, 2011

Well This Is Nice.. A ps3 to PC hack of umineko

Well shit... I am playing a hacked version of my favorite visual novel of all time umineko for the PC. Now recently this game came out for the Ps3 in Japan only "of course" but some one took the liberty of ripping the sprites as seen as below in the pic and the link, then applied an huge 5.3 gig patch to the PC version with full voice overs and better character designs. To some you might think this is morally wrong, but guess what this game "The PS3 Version" will never reach states due to Sony of America's understanding that visual novels are not truly games. So all is fair In love and war I do say so Sony of America so blow me. Also below is a comparison between sprites and a game play as seen above. Which one would you rather play now?? Come on be honest in your post, for reference about Sony of America listen to this ann podcast.
Lovely Ham Hands

Ahh.. Much Better

I have been so busy re-playing this that I am sorry that I haven't had any time to post but hell this is who Umineko should be seen and heard for what it truly is. I will provide links on how to do this if you truly want to play this game in hd with full voice actors/actresses and will even help you set up the game to install just leave a post if you need any help. There is a lot for me to do but damn I have never been this happy to play any game in a long time. Well I am off to dive deep into the golden witches world and slice up those cow tits, wish me luck. Here is links to the "Witch Hunt Translation Project" and the over all "sprite/va hack". That is all I am going to give you, if you need help setting up after the download let know and I will be glad to help you.

 -Cecil The Dark Knight

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  1. I have an old PC with Windows 3.1. What do?