Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tweaking Umineko "Major Updates Ahoy"

Let It Begin
Yes I do have some an update from the Tweaking Umineko group and it is relativity good news for everyone. First off they finally got all the patches re-uploaded to rapid-shares ddl site. The second bit of good news is that the group is finally starting work a patch for ep 5-8 using the new ps3 chiru game that was just released in December. 

These guys at tweaking umineko are really detected to their work and deserve the highest praise for what they have done so far with the first half of the series which is nearly done. Feel free to use the hyper links below and make sure to follow the instructions carefully to install the patch. I will also make sure to keep you updated with any other developments or updates from them so catch you all around later~

Arc's 5-8 or core arc patches

Buy The Games
Core Arcs "5-8"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh The Mighty Have Fallen...

Well in a brighter side of things sopa/pipa will not be passing at all. It does seem that your senators/congress men do pay attention to what the voters have to say. On the down low the major site mega-upload has been seized by the FBI following a on-going two year investigation. This did happen however after the Jan 18th internet strike hosted by Google, YouTube,Mozilla Fire Fox but are not a result due the strike I just need to make that clear. It's also nice to see that the law does work, it's just takes a bit with that pesky due process business.

How does this even relate to anime/visual novels or even my site in general.. really it's kinda simple. People used this ddl site to get episodes of fan-subbed anime, visual novels or adult material with out having to through the hassles of finding a decent torrent. Is this activity illegal yes by all mean it is not matter how you try to defend it.

These works are copyrighted by their respected countries and where being downloaded for free while the people at mega-upload made a profit which is huge felony after they short out how much profit was gained off of said works. Hell it's damn crime to even think about downloading something that is copyrighted but hell there are not thought police or are there??

Random Cuteness To Cheer You Up!

However taking this site down as affected my bros over at tweaking umineko due in part most of  the mods being done where uploaded there so we are having a hard time finding another place to host these files at the moment. Now I will not go into a huge moral ass debate over what people decide to do with their internet bandwidth, God knows that I am not innocent of not doing this it's just one bad piece of news after another in January so far.

Hell this years cherry has barely been popped and most things are already in the can. On a positive note I don't see things getting any worse now but more ddl sites have pulled their asses out of America to avoid lawsuits as listed below, I wish you all well and hope February is better than this shitty month~

Fileserve - deleted multiple files, closed affiliate program. Filejungle, Uploadstation, all gone.

Filesonic - removed all sharing functionality

Videobb - closed affiliate program - blocked all USA IP addresses. - suspending accounts with copyrighted content

Friday, January 20, 2012

Wow.. Over 40,000 Hits

Yeah I am bit late posting this but this a big thank you to everyone that has visited my site so far. From following my drop off links on Ann forums or using Google search to find this site, I thank you all for the traffic. Please keep in mind I do not make any money writing reviews/articles, this is just something I do in my spare time until I can get a job doing writing professionally. As a huge thank enjoy this video below from you-tube, leave some feed back and answer this question, would you ever write to earn a living??

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter 2012 Impressions So Far

Lets get this party started
This list is just my impressions thus far for the winter 2012 line up. There will be no ratings as of yet just short summary of what I think of each show that I am watching. The only show to have an early preview so is Another due to the genre/nature of the show. As a added bonus I will also post a hyper link to any show that have a legal stream as well.


I love this series right off the bat, it has a sense of mystery/horror mixed in that seeps right with me. The animation is top notch and just wonderful to look at.. I hope that build up off so far from the end of episode two pays off.

Ano Natsu de Matteru
Very well animated series despite some the tropes/cliches it does has. It is defiantly worth a watch if you like shows like please teacher/twins, ano hana and toradora. This series is very remnant of anohan's art style as well so the quailty in production is there I just hope it holds

Listen to Me, Girls, I’m Your Father!
I will take this series for what it is. Despite some of the "creepy elements that don't really bother me to much" It's not that bad for romance comedy/slice of life show. If this was a shojo anime or key/visual arts series would any really care about the 14/19 old relation ship?

Familiar of Zero F
If any of you know personally know me then you would know I love this franchise. Despite all of the flaws it has, i love all of the characters, setting and tsundre hijinks. Although if none of you have never watched this series before or know none of the characters don't even bother.

Recorder and Randsell
Not really great or bad just a nice filler show to watch while waiting for something else to come on. Hell the show is broken up in three minute acts so it's not demanding on a person's attention. I actually love the synopsis for the series "the younger brother is tall and trapped in a adults body while it's vice vs for his sister".

High School DxD
Welp it's a harem series with over the top nudity, boobs, oppai, knockers.. ahem yeah. It's not worth anyone's time if you do not like this type of genre of show set-up just pass on it completely. However for a deviant like me.. I find it to be a nice guilty pleasure to kill some brain cells with.

I have others that I plan on watching but i am just waiting for the the third episode to come out so I can Marathon them and
Moretsu Pirates and The Knight in the Area are on that list.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Doom & Gloom.. Let 2012 Bring Us Down

Not The R1 Industry
Putting all of this joking aside, this year is not shaping up to be a really good so far for anime fans that like domestic releases. Lets start off with Bandai Entertainment USA that has officially announced they will no longer licnese, make or produce any more DVDs for any new series cutting them fully out of the market expect for their older titles such as Gurren Lagann or Eureka Seven. This means any series they did have license for where reversed back to the original holders will not be released here for example they did lose are Nichijou, Gosick, & Turn a Gundam.

Now for the next tidbit of bad news is that Media Blasters has layed off 60% of it's work force cutting down to only five people. Media Blasters is not as well known as bandai but they have hung in there for the past six years by releasing some decent titles like Doujin Work, Squid Girl, Girls High and keeping a partner ship up with crunchy-roll to stream their titles. Now this isn't Genon Usa bad mind you but the worst tidbit of news I do have to add after the epic pic break.

Gendo 2012
Well biggest lay-down that has occurred so far have is that the two, biggest R1 companies that are left  that are sill licensing titles are now going to quarrel in court over un-payed dues that total eight million. So this means that Sentai Filmworks and Funimation will be dueling out in court for these un-payed dues. If you are to dense to remember Sentai Filmworks was formally ADV Films so when they filled for bankruptcy apparently broke some laws while restructuring in to six smaller companies with their the few licnese they had left to make a profit with sub only dvd's before financially coming back like they are now.  

So what does all this bull-shit mean.. well in case you are under the age of twelve and in-cable of reading this means that we are on shaky ground right now. Personally I think there is a high chance of the bubble popping again like it did back in 2008 but I will still have a wait & see mood for now. Now there not much else I can add to this, but I am standing back in awe of these events thus far this could be to the changing market of needing everything digitally. 

One thing I will bluntly say is this, if you really love a anime series/franchise buy what can of it while there are still physical copies in stock or be left in the dust and price gouged out the as later on. Now excuse me while I am off bargain bin diving at rightstuf?? What are your thoughts on these turns of events?? Hell it's not even February yet and the bad news just keeps rolling in catch you all later~

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Top 5 Best and Worst Games For 2011

None At All
So how am i going to celebrate my comeback?? By listing off the top five best/wort games that I have played/beaten in 2011 of all damn things. Now mind you I will not be doing reviews for these games rather just a quick list I did with my best/wort of anime for 2011. Also keep note in your tiny brain not all of these games came out in 2011, these are just games that I have played through until the end so lets get this list on balling and start rolling peeps.

My Top Five For Games 2011
  1. Fall-Out New Vegas- PC
  2. Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword-Wii
  3. Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days- Psp
  4. Corpse Party- Psp
  5. Steins Gate- PC
Sadly I Can't
 Top Five Worst Games Played For 2011
  1. Monster Hunter 3 Tri- Wii
  2. The Last Remnant - Xbox
  3. Pokemon White- DS
  4. Dragon Quest Swords- Wii
  5. Cat Girl Alliance- PC
That's all she wrote on this one people. I will be doing updates frequently since it's a slow time of year. Can you guys also do me a huge favor?? Just leave me some feed-back once in awhile, catch you all later~

-Cecil The Dark Knight

 Let The Countdown To 12/21/12 Begin

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finally Back

Like A Boss
Guess what assholes.. I'm back..Did you miss me?? Putting that getting aside I just want to let everyone know that I will be active a-lot more starting today. There are a lot of things going wrong in personal life right now, so I just figure why not bitch about it online while reviewing some of the winter 2012 line up. I sill have post that I need to wrap for 2011 "some reviews as well". Then my main focus will be on this month and those to come. 

To all of my co-posters.. sorry it took so damn long but I really had to get some shit straight. Oh i did finally get a e-mail back from Jast-Usa and they are interested in working with me. So look forward to a review of "My Girl Friend Is The President" which is their latest release as of now "go and buy a copy you cheap bastards" and review on that psp game Corpse-Party.. I Well you guys can kiss my white ass while I go off to bed, wish me will and let's pop this cherry for 2012 already.