Friday, January 20, 2012

Wow.. Over 40,000 Hits

Yeah I am bit late posting this but this a big thank you to everyone that has visited my site so far. From following my drop off links on Ann forums or using Google search to find this site, I thank you all for the traffic. Please keep in mind I do not make any money writing reviews/articles, this is just something I do in my spare time until I can get a job doing writing professionally. As a huge thank enjoy this video below from you-tube, leave some feed back and answer this question, would you ever write to earn a living??


  1. If I were good enough, of course I would write for a living;
    Although I have to say, it seems kinda stressful and I don't know if I'd have the time for it...

  2. life it's self can be stressful but it's a part of life. I want to see more activity around here but it seems that it will just be up to me for now. That's okay take your time, everyone needs a break.

    Currently I am working on few things but so much shit is going on ATM. Hell I would love to make money writing to be honest with you but it seems no one is hiring or in need.