Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter 2012 Impressions So Far

Lets get this party started
This list is just my impressions thus far for the winter 2012 line up. There will be no ratings as of yet just short summary of what I think of each show that I am watching. The only show to have an early preview so is Another due to the genre/nature of the show. As a added bonus I will also post a hyper link to any show that have a legal stream as well.


I love this series right off the bat, it has a sense of mystery/horror mixed in that seeps right with me. The animation is top notch and just wonderful to look at.. I hope that build up off so far from the end of episode two pays off.

Ano Natsu de Matteru
Very well animated series despite some the tropes/cliches it does has. It is defiantly worth a watch if you like shows like please teacher/twins, ano hana and toradora. This series is very remnant of anohan's art style as well so the quailty in production is there I just hope it holds

Listen to Me, Girls, I’m Your Father!
I will take this series for what it is. Despite some of the "creepy elements that don't really bother me to much" It's not that bad for romance comedy/slice of life show. If this was a shojo anime or key/visual arts series would any really care about the 14/19 old relation ship?

Familiar of Zero F
If any of you know personally know me then you would know I love this franchise. Despite all of the flaws it has, i love all of the characters, setting and tsundre hijinks. Although if none of you have never watched this series before or know none of the characters don't even bother.

Recorder and Randsell
Not really great or bad just a nice filler show to watch while waiting for something else to come on. Hell the show is broken up in three minute acts so it's not demanding on a person's attention. I actually love the synopsis for the series "the younger brother is tall and trapped in a adults body while it's vice vs for his sister".

High School DxD
Welp it's a harem series with over the top nudity, boobs, oppai, knockers.. ahem yeah. It's not worth anyone's time if you do not like this type of genre of show set-up just pass on it completely. However for a deviant like me.. I find it to be a nice guilty pleasure to kill some brain cells with.

I have others that I plan on watching but i am just waiting for the the third episode to come out so I can Marathon them and
Moretsu Pirates and The Knight in the Area are on that list.


  1. Too short. D:

    I do love me some Another though. It reminds me of Higurashi <3

  2. You need more followers! This is great blog. I havent seen many anime focused ones yet. I will def check these shows out

  3. huh thanks man and i am a bit lacking a-lot going on but I have some stuff coming as of late thanks for the support.