Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Top 5 Best and Worst Games For 2011

None At All
So how am i going to celebrate my comeback?? By listing off the top five best/wort games that I have played/beaten in 2011 of all damn things. Now mind you I will not be doing reviews for these games rather just a quick list I did with my best/wort of anime for 2011. Also keep note in your tiny brain not all of these games came out in 2011, these are just games that I have played through until the end so lets get this list on balling and start rolling peeps.

My Top Five For Games 2011
  1. Fall-Out New Vegas- PC
  2. Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword-Wii
  3. Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days- Psp
  4. Corpse Party- Psp
  5. Steins Gate- PC
Sadly I Can't
 Top Five Worst Games Played For 2011
  1. Monster Hunter 3 Tri- Wii
  2. The Last Remnant - Xbox
  3. Pokemon White- DS
  4. Dragon Quest Swords- Wii
  5. Cat Girl Alliance- PC
That's all she wrote on this one people. I will be doing updates frequently since it's a slow time of year. Can you guys also do me a huge favor?? Just leave me some feed-back once in awhile, catch you all later~

-Cecil The Dark Knight

 Let The Countdown To 12/21/12 Begin

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