Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Reviews To Be Up Soon

Yeah, Yeah.. I have been a little lacking in this lately.. Some things have come up that have just kept me a little busy. I am currently working on six different reviews as of now, so when I am able to get them up there will be hyper links posted to them. Heh.. if there is anything you all want to me review or do a mock review of just let me know.. I do need to do something to get my mind off of all my troubles. Also for those who haven't read my rail-gun review.. Do it already you fa****. That's it for know, I am off to play Catherine so I will catch you all later.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

R-15 Review

Higurashi Kira Review

Stein's Gate Review

Rail-Gun Manga Review
Also feel free to enjoy my favorite from one of my all time favorite series.. Zero No Tsukaima.. Let's hope the creator makes it through surgery okay.

Update the creator of Zero No Tsukaima is now out of surgery and it appears to be doing fine as of now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I am currently Playing.. small update for summer 2011

Midnight Gaming Again 
Heh so lately I have been slowly getting back into my old gamer habits again. I decided to take a break after playing pretty much every generic brown shooter or shitty generic role playing game "I personally refuse to call some titles jrpgs or wrpgs, the are all the same to me". That small bit aside it seems the game industry is finally getting off it's ass and releasing games like Catherine or Infamous 2 which are not only fun to play but tell a great story, have depth and are not afraid to push the boundary. I am also thinking of doing some normal game-reviews besides the visual novels that I play all the time on the PC, due in part it does appeal to wider audience.. but I am still debating if they should be nice titles like Disgaea or Persona 4. If any of you wish to hit me up on any of the three major platforms feel free to check out this previous post and add me, don't worry I don't bite..well maybe. Well that's it everyone I will catch you all around later, have a good one and keep enjoying your summer. 

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Monday, July 25, 2011

Higurashi Kira File One Review

Oh Hell Yeah.. Finally
Warning the review below contains spoilers

That pretty much sums my feelings after watching the first animated ova after nearly two years since rei. The episode starts off with Keiichi dressed in a females cop uniform after loosing a "penalty game". He prays to pretty much every-single god out there and all of the sudden the other three soul brothers pop out of the ceiling willing to help him.."oh boy I can see where this is heading..maybe..", mostly "Kuraudo, Jirou, Chie" talk about how weak willed Keiichi has become from loosing so many games. So the soul-brother call to a meeting to order and discuss what "Rika, Shion, Mion, Satoko, Takano" should do if k-chan wins the games, "so yes you can tell where this heading..."

By your powers combined.. oh wait..
So yeah.. most of this ova centers around the soul brothers swapping fantasy stories about what characters they would like to see doing embarrassing things. Even though most of the fantasies are short in general it is rather funny to see. One example that I will give is that Rena-chan would have to wear a maid uniform, take a spoon in her and dip out yogurt. Then Rena would have to walk slowly making sure not spill the yogurt on her.. oh for the love of God there goes my new pair of pants. I am not going to lie found most the fantasies hot as hell but the one with Rika has me asking why.jpg? She is the last character I want to see sexualized in any-way shape or form, unless it's her adult form.

I have No Nut-Bladder

After having more and more fantasies about each of the main female leads it turns out that Keiichi was dreaming all along.. or was he?? Then Keiichi wakes up in the middle of class, where Satoko and Rika point out that he was having pervy dreams about them, then out of nowhere one of the other male leads pops up Satoshi. This in no way should be possible what-soever if you watched any of the series and even Keiichi wonders what the hell is going on. Then things just get weird again... and I do mean weird. For all of the fan-girls out there this was a dream come true to see both of Keiichi and Satoshi in bunny maid out-fits where he was nearly kissed for losing another..penitently game. So Pretty much every yaoi-fan girl's dream have came true if not just for brief moment..I will now be forever scared after seeing it.

No Context Needed...
Again after this NIGHTMARE, he wakes up to find himself in the "Irie Clinic" where it seems he has the first true case of Hinamizawa Syndrome. This means that he will be forever lost in delusions unless they find a way to help him.. yes I said delusions which is all of this has been so far...Hmm I see where they are heading this time around for Kira. Most of it will focus on way for Keiichi to break out of the delusions one by one and try to snap the hell out if it. There is even has a delusion way-back to the first arc of Higurashi, where he is stuck in the phone both about be slaughtered by the curse.. this time however we get to see who it is.  All Keiichi can do is try make it back to the real 1983 Hinamizawa.. I do wish him the best of luck on this.

..Oh boy he is screwed
So is this ova necessarily bad?? It just seems Studio Deen is just trying to add more to the story when it's not necessary, unless you count the Nintendo Ds game exclusive arcs. However this doesn't mean that I am not happy to see my favorite characters on the screen again, even with the level of fan-service this time around but as usual this will make people rage/flame/troll and so forth. Even though I just stated that the dream sequences can be unique, there is one huge factor that it's a big "screw you". Personally I don't have a problem if it's used right although it's just to early to tell how or were it will be heading at this point..and knowing this series that can't be a good thing.

I need a new heart...
One of the high points this time around is the animation. All of the characters look wonderful in in the 720p-1080p res this time around, even with the drops here or there in quality it's nowhere near as bad as season one or two of the series. Now the op and ed however might throw a people off because of the upbeat nature. Now this is what lured me to the series in the first place, It makes you feel all secure and safe then BAM!! You just happen to get stabbed in the back by the person you least suspect, even by the person you love the most..However it doesn't seem to be the case this time around...or is it??

...I know that feeling all to well.
Overall this is not a really bad addition to the franchise just meh. I feel like there could have been such more done. The dream in dream has been done before, if not to death but to actually have to escape from that.. this might be something new which the franchise is known for doing.It seems that moe~ to sells quite well in Japan and I wish to add this fact that might piss off a-lot of you hardcore fans. Higurashi has been and always be a moe~ anime, however it has huge elements that break it away from the sub-genre. If you wish to flame/troll/  or rant after reading that then be my guest. Well that's it everyone, the next ova will be out 9/22/11 so I can not wait until then, catch you later.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating 16+

Rating 3/5

Buy A Legal Copy

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Playing Umineko On A Ipod/Ipad

Witch Approved
As the title implies some one over at Iphone Visual Novels has taken the liberty in making a custom App for Umineko, of course you will need the original game and English patch to make this work. This also requires a Jail-Broken Ipod Touch/Iphone Or Ipad, custom made soft-ware as usual. However even I am running into some problems this time around but if anyone can get this to work "which a-lot have apparently" personally I am just stuck at the point in transferring the data over. Yeah a small update as usual and i do plan on have some reviews up soon so look forward to them here soon.. The link for the tutorial on how do the custom app of Umineko for the iPod touch/Ipad app is below.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Umineko Tutorial 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ro-Kyu-Bu Fast Break! Update/Legal Stream info

Official Light-Novel Cover

After catching the second and third episode of this series is going about team work, trust, with the same elements that I have stated in my review. Out of all of the girls it seems that I happen to like Tomoka and Hinata the most because of their nature/attitude. I also happen to like Maho as well but she can be a real brat at some points in time. Over-all it's not really going to be a bad show even with the loli elements it's just not for everyone no matter how good the story/plot is this is just to much for some. I also wish to add that the Anime Network starting this Wednesday July 27th.

Sentai Film-works seems to have hope for this series as do I as well. It seems even the fan service has been knocked down a lot in these episodes making it more accessible for western fans.. although it doesn't bother me. One thing though.. it  seems that there are a lot of shows this season with horrible first episodes, but they slowly getting better as the series progresses. This is really going to be turn off for people that can not get past the first episodes for certain shows but hang in there people, try two-three episodes then make a clear choice. Peace out everyone, until next time I will catch you later.

 -Cecil The Dark Knight


Thursday, July 21, 2011

J-list and Manga Gamer Team Up!!

Niipha~ Desu~
So what does this really mean for visual novel/ergoe lovers??  Well for people like me and others like to own physical copies of games, it is now a possibility due to this partnership. J-List will be making the hard copies of some select manga-gamer games giving collectors like me a chance to brag/show off. I also wish to add that School Days HQ pre-orders are finally being taken on j-list, so if you want a copy of the game pre-order while you can. The last thing I wish to update you all on is that the new Higurashi Kira ova is officially out day, so it's only a matter of time before it's uploaded for everyone to enjoy. Hmm.. Well That's all for now, I will keep everyone updated and some links are provided below for both Higursahi and School-Days.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

School-Days HQ

Higurashi Vol 1 (arcs 1-4)

Higurashi Vol 2 (arcs 5-8)

News Link

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

..Is this really necessary .. A Review of R-15

Light Novel Cover

R-15 as stated in the pic above, is a light novel series written by Hiroyuki Fushimi with illustration from Takuya Fujima. The first volume of the the light novel was Kadokawa Shoten in July of 2009 with eight volumes currently out and still ongoing as of now. The series also has a manga adaption "which I highly recommend at this point in time" which started in June 2010 that is illustrated by Hayato Ōhashi, with a total of two full volumes out from the same creator/publisher. The anime adaption Is being handled by Studio Aic, that started to air July 2011 on six major t.v. stations in japan. One thing i do wish to add is that two T.V. stations in Japan pulled the show before airing which has me thinking.. wow is this going to be good or what? 

So yet again, another anime series based off an light novel. These seem to be a dime a dozen in this day age, not that it is a bad thing, it just feels over used at this point in time. Oh well at  least it's good exposure for people to see a series that would have only been available in printed text in Japan.. but is this a good thing this time around ??? To be blunt with with you I like the idea and premises of this series "which still baffles me..". Sadly some of the the execution for the series, the current t.v. airing/streams with huge amount of censors, drag it down greatly. This even brings it down from being a guilty pleasure for many people, which includes me as well.


So what the initial plot in R-15?? ... Well it's about our male lead Taketo Akutagawa who has a genius talent for writing erotic novels, due to this he has go to private school for other geniuses with talents in music, photography, drawing and so forth. Epiosde one starts during the middle of class with Taketo having a dream/Idea for one of his novels. It's after school with the sun going down.. hmm I see where this heading... you see a random high-school female about to get boned by her teacher... whoa.. ? wait, really.. wat? What kind of person has those types of dreams in the middle of day.. oh wait he is only a freshmen in high-school so it makes sense.

After his dream..Taketo's teacher properly wakes him up..then we see one of our female leads Meiki who plays the role of our classic tsundere.Meiki loves to take photo's of Taketo when he goes in his "writer mode" because of his beastly side... heh I sense a closet masochist as well. Taketo also works for the news paper club, where he tries to get scoops for the president only to be referred to as chief...she has to be one the biggest sadist I have seen In a while as well. She just loves to cause trouble for other people and has fun time getting off to other people's misfortune...I think that I'm love, Oh feel free to watch the op below

R-15 OP

The only other character worth mentioning is Narukara-san due to her calm nature. She is a music prodigy at the school that that usually keeps to herself. Taketo happened to walk up where Naurkara was practicing, happening to see her extra reed .. so what does he do?? He tries to eat it like it was food... thus causing an awkward misunderstanding to commence, such as Nakukara telling other students that Taketo tried to eat it. So if you haven't figured it out, they are mostly likely going to the be the OTP or "only true paring" for this series. I might be wrong for calling it so early but I have seen way to harem series to know where this going to head. To be honest I prefer the pop idol from epiosde two but that's just a personal opinion.

So with all of this originality, story setup, plot why is the anime one of the worst for 2011?? Well for starters it's the horrible amount of censorship used in the t.v. broadcast. Personally I am really sick, tired and frustrated of fuc*** solar flare beams on the screen, just to cover up a damn panty shot or cover up a naked ass... but at-least let there be an option to air in un-cut online. Listen I understand that that shows have to abide by certain guidelines and so-froth but this is an insult the animators, to the director, hell to everyone that worked on the project. Even if your not a fan of these types of shows, think of what Naruto, Bleach, FMA ect, would be like with half of the fighting cut-out due to violence. To those that have complained there is no un-cut version anywhere so this is a DVD/bluray sales pitch that will work, but it's highly unlikely that we will ever see it here un-cut.. legally that is.

Classic Type A Tsundere

One other problem that is worth pointing out in the series is the drops in animation quailty in certain parts. Now I am not one to speak for watching Higurashi/Umineko after all but at least I am willing to admit it, the drops are just so noticeable and bad.. they have a budget why not use it, there are some nice characters designs there.Who knows maybe I am wrong about the quailty drops due to nearly being blinded every four to five God da** minutes from blinding lights but.. okay.. enough ranting about that. Now I will give R-15 props for having a  male lead not being A-typical, he is a wimp but he knows how to turn the ladies on with his writing, although most just think Taketo is a pervert..but of course. On a plus note, in epiosde two he got a pop-idol to strip from his words alone.. that takes some massive skills man.
So is  the music for R-15 anything special?? Hmm... Well now there happen to be some catchy bgm music. This anime also a pretty nice op/ed but nothing really stood out to me besides the opening. So is this anime really that bad?? .. Well it depends on what your taste, standards or view of censorship is. There is a story with room to grow, characters that can develop over time, however it might be to much for some to handle. Even though I am writing a review for this show .. this is the only one this season I am dropped this season next to twin angel. Until a un-cut version becomes available. I just can-not watch it at this point in time with the amount of distractions etc. The real sad part is I want to watch/enjoy this show. Well that's all on this, I will be giving this anime two scores as well and if you really want to watch it go for it.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating 16+

Censored Fan Haters: 1.5/5

Normal Fans: 3.5/5

Monday, July 18, 2011

Using Adobe Photo-Shop

The Version I am Using

So In my spare time I am learning how to use Adobe Photoshop, although the version I am using is nearly ten years old now. You can probably guess.. but I am the one that mad the banner on-top of my page. I do realize that it's very amateur looking but I still have a long ways to go but kiss my a** if you don't like it. I have some basic tricks down for sizing, scaling and making pics look better, however I still need to learn cropping, layers and other things as well. Eh kinda of slow day but If anyone wants a custom banner let know, and I will do my best to help you out.

The Original Image

Attempt To add Text
Above is the three step method I used to make the banner, if you do make one for blogger make sure the size is around 900x200 px. This will make sure that it fits in top of the image banner and will not leave any background or color shown behind the pic. Well that's all I have to add on this, feel free to comment and I will catch you all around later.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mayo Chiki Update

Aww They Are In Love
After catching episode two of Mayo Chiki it seems they have toned down some of the ecchi over tones a bit. However it seems to be focusing more on the love story aspect to help Kinjiro get over his fear of woman, and helping Subru enjoy a normal high-school life. If the series keeps heading this way then I know this will be series that I will enjoy and follow all the way through.As of now I am thinking of doing some up-dates on current shows this season,

Some parts in episode two are really funny on a lot of levels especially with the usually misunderstandings. Everyone thinks that Kinjiro is gay because he caught by his little sister getting a kiss on the cheek from Subaru. So now his sister happens to think that he is gay so.. in come some funny misunderstandings as usual in this genre of shows. I think this going be one my biggest guilty pleasures for summer 2011.

Caught In The Act
Now Doing these random updates will not change my score that has previously been posted. I  also wish to add this does not change the fact that episode one is a huge obstacle to get by for many so if your unable to just don't even bother. However if you can do it then this is a rather enjoyable series for some one to watch to kill the time. Now is this show going to warrant a re-watch or purchase if licensed?? As of now it's hard to say, I would wait until the series ends to make that kind of decision.

-Cecil The Dark Knight 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Having A Hacked Psp and Wii

A Moe~ Wii...
So basically what does this mean??..I am able to play custom home-brew games, run custom programs, roms/emulators, DVDs etc by soft-modding the console. So of you might ask why bothering in doing this?? Well the answer to that is quite simple really, to get the most out of something you legally payed for. Doing this can and will void your warranty on your Wii so do it at your own risk, also don't be a dumb-ass and update your system. All you need to do this is a copy of SSBB and 1gb SD card fat formatted.

Now why would I do something so complicated like this?? As said before to get the most out of something I legally payed for and play games that are region locked without having to buy whole system for a separate region in general. I have also done this due in part that I own a-lot of old games from the NES to the Sega Genesis so I want to play my games with-out having to buy digital copies of them. There is also ways to play back up of hard copies.. but that's in to really gray territory and I dare not to tread there, well that's it for the Wii on to the Psp.


Hacking/Modding the Psp is a tad more tricky to due in part, because of Sony's relentless updates ever week to knock off home-brew period. Now I will give props to the psp for being region free and having the ability to play games from any country however this dose exclude umd movies. Now there are more reasons to having a modded psp, for example the ability to play back-ups of any Ps1 one or Psp game on the memory stick as long as you own a legal hard copy. This does contradict what I just stated for the Wii but the psp is capable of playing any ps1 game so it's really worth it in the end. If you want to have a modded psp make sure to have two things, a Pandora's Battery and Magic Memory Stick. You can purchase the two below in order to do this.

Pandora's Battery 

Psp Home-Brew

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Messing Around On The Home-Brew Channel

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Certian Scentific Railgun Vol 1 Review

So i am actually reviewing another manga this time around?? Well I guess hell finally froze over due in part that I actually bought a hard copy for the first volume of Rail-Gun. Now Don't count me on doing a full review for every single volume that comes out for the series, however this is one of the few manga's that I will actually be following legally state-side as of now. My only small rant is not at the publishers for the manga Seven-Seas but at the company Funimation. As much as I love the company I just wish that the would announce an release date for the Rail-gun/Index DVDs/Bluray's already.

However due to some complications came up genon of Japan so the series will them setting on the title for awhile. However a legal stream at their site to in order to promote the series more which would greatly help with sales of the series down the road and being region restricted for Japan should not hurt sales that much due to reverse importing.... but that's just my opinion on this.

Now that my little rant is over for the time being lets get on with this. Rail-gun is a spin-off series from the popular light novel To Aru Majutsu No Index. The manga for rail-gun started in publication on April 2007 which is still on-going currently with six volumes out so far. As I just stated above Seven-Seas is doing the localization for the manga in the states.

From what I have read in the first volume they seem to be handling the localization quite well the translation also seems to be on par with everything I have seen so far as well for the series. The printed softback is also in decent quailty with fifteen page preview of the tord-dora manga as well. Normally I would go into more detail than this but I will save the major details for my review of anime when I am able to.

Shocking, isn't it??
Now lets move on to the main plot/story, To Aru no Railgun takes place in city called academy city that is mainly made up of students with a population of 2.3 million. The technology they have in the city is thirty to forty years far more advanced than any where else in the world. The main focus or study in the city is on esper or telekinetic powers and rates the students based on their abilities from level zero to level five, of course level five being the strongest possible, so powerful that only seven students even register at this level and our main fourteen year-old female lead Misaka Mikoto is ranked number three out the seven registered.

Her special ability is that of electrode master. Basically I am saying that she has the ability to shoot off huge volts off electricity from her body at high speed "up to a billion volts", warp sand into a steel like sword. Then there Misaka's special ability called the rail-gun In which she fires an arcade token three times faster than the speed of sound.

Misaka goes to an all girls private school named Tokiwadai Middle School which is on campus area and lives with her roommate Shirai Kuroko who is a level four teleporting esper, that happens to be one the most flamboyant lesbians I have seen in a long time. It's funny to see her get turned down from Misaka more than any male lead put together in recent history I can think of.

Kuroko also has a habit of calling Misaka oneesama, not due in fact that she is her older sister but out of respect Kuroko has for her. So what is the instal story about for the first volume?? It starts off really slow with a few crime bust from Kuroko because of her part in the student enforcement called Judgment, where main job is to enforce law/order with in academy city. "gee what happened to baseball or soccer?"

Who Knew??
It's not until chapter three or four is when things start to really heat up due to mystery bomber that solely attacks judgment remembers. This is where they introduce the third main female lead Uiharu Kazari that works along side kuroko at judgement. Uiharu is an esper as well but unlike the other two she is just a level one that has a little to no use with her ability. It's around this chapter that we see some development between the girls and Misaka realizes how hard it to work for Judgement by a mistake in identity, be warned some minor spoilers below

However it's not until the bomber nearly kills off Uiharu from using some kind of power up. This is when we finally get a sense of where the series gearing towards more action than just slice of life. In the main bombing just mentioned if no not for a certain Touma even Misaka would have been killed, even with her rail-gun ability. One huge plus I do give for Misaka is that, she doesn't take crap for no one and she is willing to fight/stand up to anyone even if she had no ability her-self "which makes a great role-model for younger to older teens"

The only other character that is worth mentioning as of now are Touma Kamijou who has the ability to negate, deflect any and all esper abilities with his right hand called "the imagine breaker". From time to time Misaka tends to get in to bouts with Touma because of his ability. Misaka is like most in the city don't realize that his arm is capable of stop the attacks but to be honest I think that's it's just more a of lover's quartile than anything else. 

You would have to be pretty damn dense not to see how Misaka feels about Touma, but of course she goes about it in a tsundere style. I will admit that Misaka is no where near as bad as recent characters with this trait, hell you could just say that she is your average teen-age girl w/ electric powers. However you might want to wear some rubber gloves on the first date unless your looking for sparks to start the mood.."

Well There Goes The Good Night Hug
In all honesty this initially starts off the same way the anime has so if you have seen that, then there is little reason for you buy or even read the first volume. However the manga is much more faster paced than it's T.V. counter-part but the same could be said of all manga, I will say this I rather enjoyed the first volume of the manga much more than the T.V. series I had to watch fan-subbed.. ahem moving on along is the story, characters and art any good? I would say that's it's above average, noting really great but not bad what so-ever. Hell I really enjoy this franchise in all honesty I am actually happy to own a legal piece of it. 

As far as recommendations go for this title is go. Well this is a mixed series that takes some time to establish the plot/characters over-time, it's a bit slow paced to the action but once it gets on the ball it's a blast to read. The manga however takes a different course from the t.v anime but still stays true to the sci-fi elements a lot and yes there is some fan-service in chapter one. However this is nothing that would stop any mainstream fans from reading it. I will also give Misaka props for wearing a pair of shorts under her skirt the up-skirt view of her panties".

The last few things I wish to add is that the first volume comes with seven full chapters "around 30 pages each" and cost as low as $7.88 depending where you want to buy it. I will provide a link to the cheapest place available. I know that most of you will say that this really wasn't a review just "info giving" but I hate to spoil to much for you, go out buy a copy and read it for yourself. However I do need to work on my impressions ...I loved it all I can say.

They only flaws I do wish to point are the generic/cliched settings that have been used over a million times already, however they quickly drop these move along past the main set-up to something that's really enjoyable to read with really likeable characters, settings and a hint of magic here or there. Well that's all she wrote on this review, I hope that you found this to be helpful and I might make this my bi monthly manga review if this keeps up, for those who have watched the anime feel free to watch the OP for season one part one below.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating 13+

One Volume 192pgs


Art 4/5

Story 3.5/5

Characters 5/5

Overall Rating 4/5

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Generic Romantic Comdey?? A Review of Mayo Chiki!

Mayo Chiki is an on going Light-Novel written by Hajime Asano, Illustrated by Seiji Kikuchi. The first was released on November, 21st 2009 and is still ongoing to till this day with eight volumes out total so far who are published by the company Media Factory There is also an ongoing manga written by the original creator Hajime and illustrated by Niito. The manga is being published monthly in the seinen magazine "Monthly comic alive" from Media Factory as well. The TV. anime is only slated to have twelve episodes as of now, this show started airing July 8, 2011 and is being broadcasted on "TBS" station in Japan.

This Is One Way To Wake Up
This anime is about our unfortunate male lead Kinjiro Sakamachi that lives at home with his little sister Kureha Sakamachi that has a lovely habit of beating the shit out of him every morning just for the hell of it. "I fell kind of sorry for the poor bastard." Their parents are over-seas working so there isn't any "parental figure" this time around either. "Now at least they where up front about it in the first five minutes into the episode." Our male lead is a second year high school that goes to a seemingly normal school.. with the one exception the school's principal's daughter Kanade Suzutsuki who throws off the "Rich-Girl Persona" with her own personal butler Subaru Konoe. who has a deep personal secret to keep from everyone in school.

Kinijro decides to go the empty part of the school building to use the rest-room, in order to 
calm him-self down after a near fatal exposure of his biggest secret. Which is the fact  he suffers from a unique condition called gynophobia or fear of the opposite sex. "It's so bad that he suffers a nose-bleed if he even touches a female". After Kinjiro washes his face and goes into what he thinks is an empty stall, what does he happen to see?? A pair of kitten printed panties on attached to the leg of the head butler for Kanade.

"Why don't people ever lock the damn door in Japan, I understand old houses but not the bath-room stalls??" So what does Kinjiro decide to do after seeing this?? He just walks off after shutting the door trying to pretend/forget what he saw, but of course it's not going to be that easy for him. Subaru comes out of the stall mad as hell "in a typical a typical tsundere hijinks" by asking Kinjiro if happened to see it or glimpse of her pantsu.

What do we have here?
So being the huge idiot that Kinjiro is of course he says with out realizing .. "If you haven't guessed that Subru's a girl then I feel sorry for you". So she happens thinks that secret that needs to be kept from everyone in order to stay a butler has been reveled. "why in the world they force some-one to do this is beyond me." Then comes in the obligatory one-sided fight, but it seems that for once a male lead can hold his own. It wasn't until a dramatic pause to where a "frog in the jar.. no I am not even kidding you", was going to fall on Subru's head" that Kinjiro shows his true skill by undoing her shirt, belt buckle, and pulling them open/down with in only a two second span, he accidentally squeezes her breast and realizes that he is finally a girl. Subaru laughingly flips out and smacks him upside the head in with a fire hydrant and we cue to the half-way minute mark. 

Well that's enough on the first episode if you don't want to watch it by the summary I have given you then I don't really can not blame you. It sounds oh so funny and has been done for much better over a ten year period of time. The only thing that really seemed to amuse me was Kanade's S/M play a thing for Kinjiro and Subaru. Kanade's wonderful sadist nature peeks a few guilty pleasures with in me as well which kept me watching the entire episode.

Rape Time??
The animation character designs are also very nice to look at, with only a few drops in overall quality  Everything seemed to flow pretty well and there was only a few notable drops in quality here or there, but not to the point that it would be really low key. The music however is just plain/generic, with nothing really new or surprising here with the expectation of few piano pieces to liven up the mood. The op is done quite well to where it shows vast different array of emotions with a nice catchy beat as well.

Now lets get to the main problem of the series which be the huge heap of tropes/cliches that has been rinsed/repeated for nearly ten years now. If you can personally list off the number of cliches into a small list just from my review then just don't even bother with this series. If you are a guilty pleasure fan such as myself then you may actually the first episode for this series and will continue on with the series. As of now there is now legal stream for this series so you have to look around for decent fan-sub group to watch the show. 

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating 16+

Animation 4/5

Music 3/5

Story 2.5/5

Characters 3/5

Overall rating 3/5

Monday, July 11, 2011

Some New/Recent Changes To The Site.

Okay this is going to be short and sweet, this is just to all of the people that can publish here or add content, I removed the navigation bar. So if you want to make a new post or add any new content please go here to the link below in order to do so. I am sorry for innocence this may/might have cause you but the bar was really getting on my nerves. I would actually remove the attribution or "powered by blogger bar as well " but it seems that can get me into to legal issues so...that's a no go everyone please enjoy this video of accelerator being a boss as a way for me to make it up to you.

Edit: I just went ahead and removed the powered by widget as well, cleaned up the site some more and just leave some feed back of what you think.

Main Sign In

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Friday, July 8, 2011

Another four girl anime?? Imperssons on Yuru-Yuri

I will state this for the record as of now, Personally I have nothing against female only cast anime nor do I hate the seinen genre either. However I do feel like they are making to many anime adaptions as of late thus over saturating the market. Now is Yuru Yuri a bad show?? That depends on how many of these shows you have seen before or even if your fan of moe~ anime then don't even bother with this series. I did state earlier that I was only going to review one moe~ anime but due to fact that it has been licensed Yuru Yuri will fill in that gap as of now, due in part that I need something sweet and nice to watch during my summer season. 

Yuru Yuri is about or main female leads Akari, Kyoko, Yui, and Chinatsu that go to an all girls private school. "where have i see this set-up before??"...Nope can't think of thing but this aside it starts off with our main female lead Akari getting woke up by her two senior class-mates Kyoko and Yui. The character introductions are short/quick which is something I really like for the genre of anime due in part it's the jokes/interactions that make this type of show watchable. Now there is a pretty dark joke early one where Kyoko walks into Akari's older sisters room "after she forgot to put on her out-fit for her first day of middle school', and well.. It was pretty damn funny  to see Kyoko's reaction.

Kyoko Walks In And See This

This Is Her Reaction to it.
Later that day or in the second half we get introduced to our other female lead Chinatsu who is in the same class as Akari but she didn't come to their club, "gee what a surprise". Chinatsu came to join the tea party club but it was disbanded due to lack of the members so Chinatsu decides to join their amusement club for the time being which has nothing to do with music by the way..."I swear I have seen this some where before..or maybe it's just me..." Well moving on from that I will say Kyoko happens to be one the better characters out due in part of how flamboyantly gay she is for Chinatsu " Hence the Yuri element/name". This plays off pretty funny in some of the skits where Kyoko tries to get Chinatsu but is always being cock-blocked by you can tell where that's heading.

As for the main female lead Akrai?? She happens to be one the most plain, boring and ditzy characters out there and they are even willing to admit. Now per-say is she a bad characters?? No not really just your a-typical innocent/naive girl that always pops up in every anime now and then. Personally I don't hate her character what soever, but maybe it's due in part that it takes a-lot for me to actually hate an anime character. Fitting a stereo-type alone is not enough for me to hate a character it's how the director decides to play off that character in their role.

Yuru Yuri Op

I will also give props for the opening song for Yuru Yuri as well.. It's been a long time to where I actually had a song stuck in my head and the OP doesn't disappoint in that department. The rest of the music also plays off on the mood quite well while it's also not anything foreboding or overwhelming either, just a calm laid-back soundtrack. A bit of the down side is the the art-work, nothing really original or even groundbreaking here, however it is very pleasant to look at so at least my eyes aren't bleeding as if I was watching Twin Angel again.

That's about all I can add or say for this anime, if you like k-on, lucky star, azumanga daioh, a-channel, kana-memo and so forth you will like this show. If you hate anime with an all female cast or are not into to "cute girls doing cute things" then don't even bother with this series. There is no action, no fighting or save the world from an impending doom story. All Yuru Yuri happens to be is noting more than a slice of anime with huge yuri over-tones which as I sated before if it's not your thing, don't even bother. Peace out every-one and until next-time catch you later.

Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating:13+

Music: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Story: 3/5 

Animation 3/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gaming Accounts

Again this isn't anime/visual novel related so sorry to burst anyone's bubble not unless you wish to play school days with me.. Well I didn't think so but moving on these are just my standard three gamier accounts to add  and I will have the user names below. Nothing special or fancy just ask me what types of games you would like to play. I mostly play Jrpgs, action games but I do play the occasional Fps game such as Call of duty or Halo.

Xbox Live Account

Steam Account

Psn Account

Well that's it  peeps, feel free to add me if you wish, so we can play some games or even chat. Okay I'll catch you guys around later and sorry for being so damn lazy this time around. Feel free enjoy this video clip from rail-gun/index

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Impressions On: Twin Angel Twinkle Paradise

You know what I don't have a damn good to say about this so called anime, so if you hate people "ditching" on your new "favorite show, you know what"??  Though shit is all I have to say, I am not going to force you to read this, but maybe I should force you to watch this anime  while using it as a sadist too for torture.. Okay trailing off into my personal life that, some of you don't need to know about. As of now I don't even think that the series is worth finishing off but perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps on a slow such as Sunday  I will watch some it here and there but as of now I would rather not drink my-self to death.

Twin Angel or know as Kaitō Tenshi Twin Angel - Kyun Kyun, Is based off of two ova's that came in out in 9/28/2008. This series much like Rio Rainbow Gate due in part that it's is based off a series of Pachinko-Machines with the same character designs on the machines. Personally I think this is lazy but Rio Rainbow Gate was still fun to watch and no where near as tedious. The story mainly revolves around our two main heroines Aoi and Haruka that are just your normal/average middle schoolers by day but then turn into magical crime fighters by night. 

The main female leads of course go to an rich private school, have the typical cute mascot and there is even the long transformation that shows off pretty rainbows.... um yeah. So what went wrong?? The main problem that anybody can point is the fact that they are trying to damn hard to mimic other things and not trying to be it's own Individual show. "I do realize  this is next to impossible in this day and age but it can still be done". Magical Madoka did it but that went to dark for some, hell even Milky Holmes was funny if not for the reaction faces/comedy in the show.

I personally don't hate magical school girl anime quite the contrary really. I personally love Card Captor Sakura, Pretty Cure, Sailor Moon, Moe-Tan, MagiKano, and Magical Madoka. I just hate lazy attempts at anime that try to parody these shows and just end up falling flat on their ass in doing so. Even the lame attempt/blatant rip-off of Tuxedo-Mask called the Misty Knight who happens to show up in the nick up time to save our ladies with roses. Parody's for magical girl shows can be done right however this is not case in Twin Angel. please go watch some cheap anime from the 90's instead.. oh wait a minute..

Sadly I could hardly find any-thing redeeming what so-ever for Twin-Angel. Hardly  if any of the characters seem likable expect for the ninja butler and even then that was corny. Not even the music or art work is worth mentioning for twin angel and the OP sounds like shit, however I will admit I did like the ED due in part that tusndere queen "Rie Kugimiya" sings in it however that's enough enough to even keep some away. She is also in the show as well as the white angel called , but hasn't made an appearance as of yet. 

Perhaps I am being a little to harsh on this Twin Angel but in all honesty I really expected better from J.C.Staff, I know they are capable of doing better than this. Toradora, Index, Rail-gun, Excel Saga, Hayate, Shana, Familiar of Zero, The Worlds Greatest First Love are all decent so it's in the realm of possibility after all. I will not post a score yet until I see two three more epiosdes and perhaps I will be a little less harsh by then. As of know I am really close to dropping this anime but if I can get hold of some liquor maybe it will help.

Usually I do not go by first episode for any thing to determine if a show is worth a damn or not, but when I am able to list off nearly twenty bad cliches right off the bat somethings wrong .Okay if anyone is offended by my preview for the first epiosde then just take up it with Frederica Bernkastel. Peace out everyone and look forward to more previews soon. Summer is shaping up to be good so far, now excuse me while I go hit my head against the wall for twenty minutes due in part that it will cause the same amount of brain damage.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating: 16+

Characters: 2/5

Animation: 2/5

Music: 2/5

Plot: 1/5

Story: 1/5

Overall Rating: 1/5