Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gaming Accounts

Again this isn't anime/visual novel related so sorry to burst anyone's bubble not unless you wish to play school days with me.. Well I didn't think so but moving on these are just my standard three gamier accounts to add  and I will have the user names below. Nothing special or fancy just ask me what types of games you would like to play. I mostly play Jrpgs, action games but I do play the occasional Fps game such as Call of duty or Halo.

Xbox Live Account

Steam Account

Psn Account

Well that's it  peeps, feel free to add me if you wish, so we can play some games or even chat. Okay I'll catch you guys around later and sorry for being so damn lazy this time around. Feel free enjoy this video clip from rail-gun/index


  1. >:D so when you're not watching anime you play games? :O you're suck a geek <33

  2. Loving the post above!
    I'll add you on xbox next time I go on.
    Don't have psn and I always end up uninstalling steam.