Monday, July 18, 2011

Using Adobe Photo-Shop

The Version I am Using

So In my spare time I am learning how to use Adobe Photoshop, although the version I am using is nearly ten years old now. You can probably guess.. but I am the one that mad the banner on-top of my page. I do realize that it's very amateur looking but I still have a long ways to go but kiss my a** if you don't like it. I have some basic tricks down for sizing, scaling and making pics look better, however I still need to learn cropping, layers and other things as well. Eh kinda of slow day but If anyone wants a custom banner let know, and I will do my best to help you out.

The Original Image

Attempt To add Text
Above is the three step method I used to make the banner, if you do make one for blogger make sure the size is around 900x200 px. This will make sure that it fits in top of the image banner and will not leave any background or color shown behind the pic. Well that's all I have to add on this, feel free to comment and I will catch you all around later.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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  1. Damn I'm actually happy I posted this, look forward to new banner soon guys/gals.