Friday, July 22, 2011

Ro-Kyu-Bu Fast Break! Update/Legal Stream info

Official Light-Novel Cover

After catching the second and third episode of this series is going about team work, trust, with the same elements that I have stated in my review. Out of all of the girls it seems that I happen to like Tomoka and Hinata the most because of their nature/attitude. I also happen to like Maho as well but she can be a real brat at some points in time. Over-all it's not really going to be a bad show even with the loli elements it's just not for everyone no matter how good the story/plot is this is just to much for some. I also wish to add that the Anime Network starting this Wednesday July 27th.

Sentai Film-works seems to have hope for this series as do I as well. It seems even the fan service has been knocked down a lot in these episodes making it more accessible for western fans.. although it doesn't bother me. One thing though.. it  seems that there are a lot of shows this season with horrible first episodes, but they slowly getting better as the series progresses. This is really going to be turn off for people that can not get past the first episodes for certain shows but hang in there people, try two-three episodes then make a clear choice. Peace out everyone, until next time I will catch you later.

 -Cecil The Dark Knight


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