Friday, July 8, 2011

Another four girl anime?? Imperssons on Yuru-Yuri

I will state this for the record as of now, Personally I have nothing against female only cast anime nor do I hate the seinen genre either. However I do feel like they are making to many anime adaptions as of late thus over saturating the market. Now is Yuru Yuri a bad show?? That depends on how many of these shows you have seen before or even if your fan of moe~ anime then don't even bother with this series. I did state earlier that I was only going to review one moe~ anime but due to fact that it has been licensed Yuru Yuri will fill in that gap as of now, due in part that I need something sweet and nice to watch during my summer season. 

Yuru Yuri is about or main female leads Akari, Kyoko, Yui, and Chinatsu that go to an all girls private school. "where have i see this set-up before??"...Nope can't think of thing but this aside it starts off with our main female lead Akari getting woke up by her two senior class-mates Kyoko and Yui. The character introductions are short/quick which is something I really like for the genre of anime due in part it's the jokes/interactions that make this type of show watchable. Now there is a pretty dark joke early one where Kyoko walks into Akari's older sisters room "after she forgot to put on her out-fit for her first day of middle school', and well.. It was pretty damn funny  to see Kyoko's reaction.

Kyoko Walks In And See This

This Is Her Reaction to it.
Later that day or in the second half we get introduced to our other female lead Chinatsu who is in the same class as Akari but she didn't come to their club, "gee what a surprise". Chinatsu came to join the tea party club but it was disbanded due to lack of the members so Chinatsu decides to join their amusement club for the time being which has nothing to do with music by the way..."I swear I have seen this some where before..or maybe it's just me..." Well moving on from that I will say Kyoko happens to be one the better characters out due in part of how flamboyantly gay she is for Chinatsu " Hence the Yuri element/name". This plays off pretty funny in some of the skits where Kyoko tries to get Chinatsu but is always being cock-blocked by you can tell where that's heading.

As for the main female lead Akrai?? She happens to be one the most plain, boring and ditzy characters out there and they are even willing to admit. Now per-say is she a bad characters?? No not really just your a-typical innocent/naive girl that always pops up in every anime now and then. Personally I don't hate her character what soever, but maybe it's due in part that it takes a-lot for me to actually hate an anime character. Fitting a stereo-type alone is not enough for me to hate a character it's how the director decides to play off that character in their role.

Yuru Yuri Op

I will also give props for the opening song for Yuru Yuri as well.. It's been a long time to where I actually had a song stuck in my head and the OP doesn't disappoint in that department. The rest of the music also plays off on the mood quite well while it's also not anything foreboding or overwhelming either, just a calm laid-back soundtrack. A bit of the down side is the the art-work, nothing really original or even groundbreaking here, however it is very pleasant to look at so at least my eyes aren't bleeding as if I was watching Twin Angel again.

That's about all I can add or say for this anime, if you like k-on, lucky star, azumanga daioh, a-channel, kana-memo and so forth you will like this show. If you hate anime with an all female cast or are not into to "cute girls doing cute things" then don't even bother with this series. There is no action, no fighting or save the world from an impending doom story. All Yuru Yuri happens to be is noting more than a slice of anime with huge yuri over-tones which as I sated before if it's not your thing, don't even bother. Peace out every-one and until next-time catch you later.

Cecil The Dark Knight

Age Rating:13+

Music: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Story: 3/5 

Animation 3/5

Overall Rating: 4/5


  1. What you didn't like Kiss x Sis? :O Anyway, I did like K-ON and Lucky Star. But they didn't give me this yuri feeling so of course I didn't mind. I don't know if I shroud watch this or not.

  2. i liked kiss x sis but....well.. ahem look up what breaking your nut bladder means

  3. cool review man, was thinking of checking this show out and you've pretty much got me decided to watch it now ^^