Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Way Of Doing Things.

Smack That Ass

Yeah it's been a bit since I made post, been really lazy as of late. Basically i am just letting you all know how I will be doing things know from here on out on my site. Even as I type this there are some reviews that need be finished already despite me being a lazy bastard about it. I will no longer be doing partial reviews on series, just first impressions on a new show that I see or complete over-view of a series that I have finished once I am done watching or playing the game for it. 

The endings as of late in some shows have been decent but sadly most have left a bad taste in mouth... which is the main reason why I am doing this. When my new reviews are up, just ignore the post dates because I have them set to post on that day. Hope to catch you all around later and wish me luck in finding a Job here I will catch you all around next time. Oh I am still live streaming as well, so go to my channel and check it out.

AnoHana Ending Secret Base

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So What Are You Playing??? VN Play Update for Sept.

When she is pissed.. Oh lord
Just out of curiosity have you all had good month so far??  Personally it's been an okay month for me so far with this aside. Now if any of you have been keeping up with me lately, you know that I have been putting on a live-stream everyday since the 18th showing off some of my favorite visual novels. So far I have shown you guys umineko, school-days, some higurashi, snow sakura, clannad etc. The main reason for this post is what other visual novels/eroge "translated in english of course" do you want to watch me play?? I have poll up of some of my more recent purchases so send a shot out and let the good times, keep on rolling for the rest of this month. I hope to catch you all around later, and see you on my live-stream channel, peace out.

Dammit Bern..My Heart..

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Unico Is Coming Back???!!!!

Oh The Nostalgia..

Yeah, Yeah an anime about unicorns call me what you will but this was one of the highlights form my childhood, thanks to my cousin who got me into this hobby. I am sad to admit my memories on Unico are a bit blurry due in part I watched only one of the movies when I was eight or nine years old. Now it's next to impossible to even find a legal VHS tape or even a torrent download "which I thought was impossible". Thankfully a company decided to picked up the movies for a DVD release next year "you have no idea how happy this makes me". I also wish to point out that this series was around from 1977-1983, thus making it the oldest anime I have ever watched to date. So do any of you remember this series or your first/oldest anime series?? 


-Cecil The Dark Knight

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Series To Watch Out For Fall 2011.. Future Diary!!

Don't Worry..Yuno Will Play Nice!
This fall 2011 anime season is shaping up to be pretty decent so far, however most are just squeal/prequel series or remakes of shows. This is not really a bad thing per-say, I just want to watch something a little more original or not been adapted into series already. As luck would have it Future Dairy or "Mirai Nikki" is getting an anime adaption that will start airing October 9th 2011 on Tokyo MX. The main focus of the story is much like Higurashi/Umineko or even Steins;Gate.  Normally I don't get to hyped over adapts that much anymore "being the unbiased person that I happen to be mind you", I just happen to have some slight hope for this series. 

Yuno and Yuki

One huge reason I am lingering on to some little hope is that I want to see the last two volumes of the manga released in the states due to Tokyo pop going out businesses "being left in limbo with two volumes left sucks a**". Now if you happen love yandere arc type characters this will fill that void in greatly for the early fall season, "epically this being month of horror/terror." Well guys watch the preview video below and leave your thoughts of what you think. I will catch you all around later and lets hope it gets picked up for a legal stream license.. if not time to buy another external HD

-Cecil The Dark Knight
Preview Video

Monday, September 5, 2011

Really Square-Enix Really??????

The Image above pretty sums up my feelings for the amount of blunders that Square-Enix is making lately. My faith or just steady decline in this company has just slipped ever since FF-13 "which needs no explanation." Another small beef is the long delay of  FF-13 Versus "which is finally in full production now". So hey square managed to cut-off some hate I had lingering there.. However the biggest disappointments so far is the fact that square is milking FF-13 in a trilogy and what they are doing with Dragon Quest X.. I will discuss more of this below.

To me personally Dragon Quest/Warrior has always been a big part or reason why I love RPG's. I still happen to own a legal hard copy of the original nes game so that says a lot for me. Hell I could even do reviews for the games if the need arises, however I will not do that as of now. The main reason that I am personally pissed off is the fact that square-enix is taking Dragon Quest X and making it into an MMORPG.. or a massive online game with monthly fee's. Now I could have accepted this on the Ps3 or even the 360 but it's going to be on the worst console for online gaming, the Nintendo Wii.

Best Choice In DQ-5
 Really?? Are they trying to annihilate some of the hard-core fans from playing this game  or is this the company completely giving up at this point? I am not saying online rpgs on the console are going to bad, "Phantasy Star Online for the Sega Dreamcast proved me wrong ten years ago". All I am trying to do, is point out that the Wii is not the best choice for online gaming. With no voice chat, Instant between online friends huge lag from wifi "games mainly that do have it", this better have a damn good built in custom engine that allows you do that.

If this game does not it will flop really damn hard state side due to the usual WoW fan-base here. Perhaps I am just little pissed that there is no single player in the game.. I have always been solitary in Dragon Quest However I might be proven wrong but only time will tell. On the down low, it's possible play solo you must have an internet connection/be connected online all the time to do so.. oh well no biggie..I suppose that I am mores pissed off that square is doing another FF-13 and hearing this on the same day just added more to that, feel free to watch some trailers below and peace out.

My Hard-Copy of The First Game

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Friday, September 2, 2011

Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni Is Getting an English Patch

Oh God..This Is A Tad Much..
In usual tradition it seems that 7th expansion's new visual novel is getting a English patch. As I previously stated, I do not know much about the series like I did with Higurashi or Umineko however from what I gathered from the manga it's really damn brutal. One thing I do need admit is that I watched the anime series both each before playing the Visual Novels.This means that I am going to go in blind with this series no prior knowledge what so-ever. On the series getting an anime.. it will take some time fIt seems that it will follow their usual formula like it's predecessors and wait for the first four arcs to come out first. The translator that is doing this has my full support and I hope that a partial patch is up soon. I am off and I will catch you all around next time.. I just hope I don't end up like the woman in that pic.

Proof of The Patch

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Buy A Legal Copy

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Woah...A Japanese Horror Game Heading State Side For The Psp

Hmm Those Urinals Need Some Cleaning...
So to kick the month off I am going to share this tidbit of good news with you psp/horror game called Corpse Party "yeah it's lame name". In all honesty I really have not been excited to play a psp in a long time but the premise alone for this game sends chills through my spines every which way possible. The basic premise is that four to five high school teenagers are stuck in a haunted elementary school to where grizzly murders of four children took place back in the mid to late 70's. 

The original game it's self was made in RPG Maker, so getting a full remake for the psp should say a lot already for the game. It seems that X-Seed games knows what people want to play for this fall season, so just look forward to playing it, however as of now it's a digital download only through the PSN. I personally don't have a problem with that, I was just hoping to pick up a special edition for the game. Well lets kick off this month with a great start and get this ball rolling.

 Official Preview

 -Cecil The Dark Knight

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