Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Way Of Doing Things.

Smack That Ass

Yeah it's been a bit since I made post, been really lazy as of late. Basically i am just letting you all know how I will be doing things know from here on out on my site. Even as I type this there are some reviews that need be finished already despite me being a lazy bastard about it. I will no longer be doing partial reviews on series, just first impressions on a new show that I see or complete over-view of a series that I have finished once I am done watching or playing the game for it. 

The endings as of late in some shows have been decent but sadly most have left a bad taste in mouth... which is the main reason why I am doing this. When my new reviews are up, just ignore the post dates because I have them set to post on that day. Hope to catch you all around later and wish me luck in finding a Job here I will catch you all around next time. Oh I am still live streaming as well, so go to my channel and check it out.

AnoHana Ending Secret Base

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