Thursday, September 15, 2011

Unico Is Coming Back???!!!!

Oh The Nostalgia..

Yeah, Yeah an anime about unicorns call me what you will but this was one of the highlights form my childhood, thanks to my cousin who got me into this hobby. I am sad to admit my memories on Unico are a bit blurry due in part I watched only one of the movies when I was eight or nine years old. Now it's next to impossible to even find a legal VHS tape or even a torrent download "which I thought was impossible". Thankfully a company decided to picked up the movies for a DVD release next year "you have no idea how happy this makes me". I also wish to point out that this series was around from 1977-1983, thus making it the oldest anime I have ever watched to date. So do any of you remember this series or your first/oldest anime series?? 


-Cecil The Dark Knight

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