Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So What Are You Playing??? VN Play Update for Sept.

When she is pissed.. Oh lord
Just out of curiosity have you all had good month so far??  Personally it's been an okay month for me so far with this aside. Now if any of you have been keeping up with me lately, you know that I have been putting on a live-stream everyday since the 18th showing off some of my favorite visual novels. So far I have shown you guys umineko, school-days, some higurashi, snow sakura, clannad etc. The main reason for this post is what other visual novels/eroge "translated in english of course" do you want to watch me play?? I have poll up of some of my more recent purchases so send a shot out and let the good times, keep on rolling for the rest of this month. I hope to catch you all around later, and see you on my live-stream channel, peace out.

Dammit Bern..My Heart..

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. Not having an amazing month so far.
    Been playing Fate/Stay night and Air, and replaying Kanon like I always do.
    OMG Shuffle! is in the poll, one of the first VNs I ever played after One and Kanon! Hoping for an english translation of the latest spin off Love Rainbow.

  2. My month has been ok, landed a job at least though it's a little tough lol.
    I'm curious to see stein's gate.
    I know it's basically the same person but Bern just looks wrong with the "Nipah!"

  3. @Tycho
    Yes but when she finally manages to say it...
    Well CDK summed it up brilliantly underneath the image.

  4. hmm what's up guys I will have some reviews up soon so look forward to those and one is on my first eroge I ever played.

  5. Heh, Higurashi :D. But if you do, then be sure to get the ptaches from the tweaking higurashi wiki :P I didn't name the umineko one after that for nothing hehe. -Saq