Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Best and Worst Anime List For 2011

Eating Watermelon With My Waifu

This is just a basic/simple list of what I think are the best or worse shows for the the anime 2011 year. Not all of these series have reviews due to time, being a lazy bastard etc. So kick back let the new year roll in and count down my top/worst list for 2011.

My Top 10
1.Usagi Drop
2.Ano Hana
3.Hourou Musuko Wandering Son
4.Hanasaku Iroha
6.Index II "it started in winter 2010 but finished in 2011"
9.My Ordinary Life "Nichijou"
10.Yuru Yuri

Sums Up this List

Noticeable Mentions
These are series that did happen to enjoy but have not yet had a chance to finish or was just below the cut "I do want to be impartial on this after all"
Fate/Zero only on ep 5
Soft Tenni "great guilty pleasure series, waiting for my blurays to finish due to solar flare lens censorship"
Working Seaosn2/Squid Girl Season2 "only half way through for each as well"
Higurashi Kira Ova 1-3 "just silly fun all around"
Dead-man Wonderland "it would have made the list if the adapt was longer and didn't end in a cliffhanger"
Heaven's Memo Pad "stopped at 4 ep due to various reasons"
Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth "stopped at ep 6 again for my own reasons"

Oh You Mad At My Worst List??

Worst For 2011
1.Twin Angel
2.Lotte's Toy "looking back..NOPE"
4.Last Exile The Silver Wing
5.R-15 "the amount of censorship just killed the show me"
6.We Without Wings
8.Hen Zemi
9.Cat God
10.Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere

Well there you have it my list for best/worst for 2011. Feel free to post what shows you liked/disliked for this year. Now excuse me while i go off and have some whiskey to dull the memories of Hen Zemi...

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas From Hatsune Miku

Well everyone I do hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season this year. It has personally been hard year all around for me and my family, however I am sure none of you are interested in that as of now. So lets get down to main point of this post, which is to share some of the best anime x-mas pics, that I have been able to scrape up from @chan, crunchy roll and Google. On a different note everyone how was your Christmas and did you get what you asked for??

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Sunday, December 18, 2011

We are the Little Busters! Now 100% english!

Wooh! Little Busters has been fully translated.
But people with the ME/EX versions will have to wait for another translation...

Translation Notes:

The past few weeks after translation "finished" have been incredibly busy thanks to testing, debugging and general fixing, but finally...

Team fluffy is delighted to announce the release of the Little Busters! complete translation patch.
The impatient one may proceed to download it here

Four and a half years after the original game was released, three and a half years after the translation project started, and two years after our 50%, A.K.A. common route patch, this product of our labor allows you, the player, to experience the game in full, from beginning to end, non-stop, in English.

This patch contains every character route, every minigame and everything else translated.
It also includes our recommended set of fonts.

No machine translation was hurt during production.

We apologise in advance in case this disturbs your family's holidays.

and for those people with EX/ME

In order not to delay the release of the main patch above, we skipped some of the polish from the EX/ME script. We have tried to make these as enjoyable as possible with the translated material presently available. Thus some of the more critical new lines amidst the otherwise translated scripts have already been translated, but not all of them.

  1. These extra patches give EX/ME working minigames, but in return they have a certain amount of untranslated lines here and there, for systemic reasons.
  2. There are also known issues that would've been too much work to fix for this release - the biggest one is one where lines with the same Japanese text receive the same translation everywhere in the script. This causes some errors in minigames, but also makes some lines appear rather weird at places in the script.
  3. You will not find new content in the routes with this patch, because that is the greater part of the problem itself. Instead you will get THE original Little Busters! routes in all their glory. All new content beyond that will have to wait for its appropriate releases.
  4. Muscle Sensation doesn't work in this patch. Sorry, there's just no way around this until we get around to properly re-translating the Kud route.

Little Busters! Ecstasy First Press Limited Edition owners do not need to install the Little Busters! EX 1.01 patch to use our translation.

I know this isn't really a review but I will have my top ten anime of the year list up soon.


Little Busters English Patch

Memorial Edition


Little Busters on VNDB

Friday, December 16, 2011

Witch-Hunt's Final Patch Is Out

Ange Getting Some Pay-Back
For those who have been waiting very patiently "for nearly a year now", the final patch for Umineko answer arcs or 5-8 is finally out. After this long ass waiting period we can finally found out what happened on the island..or we will be fucking trolled by Bern and Lambdelta all over again. Sadly I can not spoil this "you must make/reach this decision for yourself at the end of arc8".

Keep in mind this one simple question "is it magic or a trick", will determine the entire outcome for the series "just make sure to save before hand". That's it everyone let me know your decision in the comment section below. As an early gift I will host a hyper-link to the patch and where to order the game. Oh and I do apologize for any spoilers... but get the hell over it.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Final Patch

Legally Purchase The Game

Best Bgm Ever "Birth of a New Witch"

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dammit Congress..What The Hell Are You Doing?? The SOPA BILL

4chan.. Your So Silly..
Yeah I do realize it's been along time since I done anything here but the SOPA Bill is one of the main reasons why. In a sense this bill would give corporations unlimited power to shut down any site that they fill infringes on it's said copyright with out any due process. So lets take my site into account everybody due in part that I use hyper-links to you-tube videos or  any torrent site. Even my blog in question could be taken down and I could be charged with felony that would have a max five years in a federal prison "however fair-use might come into play for pics/videos"

One huge thing to point out is the DNS Blocking clause that would completely block your IP from accessing websites that infringes on copyright materials. The said sites would no longer be listed in Google, Yahoo, etc "This reminds me of china for some reason.." All for the sake of protecting intellectual property. Listen I do understand piracy is bad "i still do a bit myself" but this is going way above the norm to do so. Being charged with a fucking felony isn't a mother fucking game people, "that shit ruins people's lives and will only ruin people's ability to get jobs if prosecuted under this

Worship Our New Flag
On the other hand selling illegal goods such as counterfeit games/Cd's/movies, medication is understandable. The person in sense is selling a physical copy that can be bought legally while making a profit off said material online "eBay I am looking at you here", will be liable to remove the said products. Now pay-pal/visa/master-card or other pay means will be stopped if you trying buying said materials which is another clause this bill has. This part of the bill i  am actually okay with..despite being overboard as well. I personally thing this bill is a huge cock slap in the face but let's move on..

After watching all of the stream coverage to day on this bill "from live-stream lol". It has come to my attention that the people trying to pass this have no fucking idea on either aisle what it really means. For the love of god one senator said "let's bring in the nerds to get this right".. I have never face palmed so fucking hard in all of my life.. Oh yeah everyone have some more lovely tidbits from this wonderful conference.. Even this makes me want to slap a kitten. Well I am out everyone "back to lurking" however what are you're thoughts/opinons on this??
...."Just Read It"

Toasters are people

IP addresses are people.

Toasters have wifi.

An ISP is the same thing as a University Network.

Piracy =Child Pornography

The Internet Is For Porn

George Carlin Sums It Up