Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas From Hatsune Miku

Well everyone I do hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season this year. It has personally been hard year all around for me and my family, however I am sure none of you are interested in that as of now. So lets get down to main point of this post, which is to share some of the best anime x-mas pics, that I have been able to scrape up from @chan, crunchy roll and Google. On a different note everyone how was your Christmas and did you get what you asked for??

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. Nice collection you got here


  2. "merry desire and a sacrificial new year"
    oh internet, you so silly

  3. Merry Desire and sacrifical new year to you Cecil

  4. lol. like those pics.
    merry desire to you too.