Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dammit Congress..What The Hell Are You Doing?? The SOPA BILL

4chan.. Your So Silly..
Yeah I do realize it's been along time since I done anything here but the SOPA Bill is one of the main reasons why. In a sense this bill would give corporations unlimited power to shut down any site that they fill infringes on it's said copyright with out any due process. So lets take my site into account everybody due in part that I use hyper-links to you-tube videos or  any torrent site. Even my blog in question could be taken down and I could be charged with felony that would have a max five years in a federal prison "however fair-use might come into play for pics/videos"

One huge thing to point out is the DNS Blocking clause that would completely block your IP from accessing websites that infringes on copyright materials. The said sites would no longer be listed in Google, Yahoo, etc "This reminds me of china for some reason.." All for the sake of protecting intellectual property. Listen I do understand piracy is bad "i still do a bit myself" but this is going way above the norm to do so. Being charged with a fucking felony isn't a mother fucking game people, "that shit ruins people's lives and will only ruin people's ability to get jobs if prosecuted under this

Worship Our New Flag
On the other hand selling illegal goods such as counterfeit games/Cd's/movies, medication is understandable. The person in sense is selling a physical copy that can be bought legally while making a profit off said material online "eBay I am looking at you here", will be liable to remove the said products. Now pay-pal/visa/master-card or other pay means will be stopped if you trying buying said materials which is another clause this bill has. This part of the bill i  am actually okay with..despite being overboard as well. I personally thing this bill is a huge cock slap in the face but let's move on..

After watching all of the stream coverage to day on this bill "from live-stream lol". It has come to my attention that the people trying to pass this have no fucking idea on either aisle what it really means. For the love of god one senator said "let's bring in the nerds to get this right".. I have never face palmed so fucking hard in all of my life.. Oh yeah everyone have some more lovely tidbits from this wonderful conference.. Even this makes me want to slap a kitten. Well I am out everyone "back to lurking" however what are you're thoughts/opinons on this??
...."Just Read It"

Toasters are people

IP addresses are people.

Toasters have wifi.

An ISP is the same thing as a University Network.

Piracy =Child Pornography

The Internet Is For Porn

George Carlin Sums It Up


  1. Rayne: Truly truly retarded...

  2. Hopefully this foolish bill will not be passed.

  3. sigh.... who came up with this bill? its going to cause more harm then anything else. if they think this will help themselves in some form, they are greatly mistaken.