Sunday, December 18, 2011

We are the Little Busters! Now 100% english!

Wooh! Little Busters has been fully translated.
But people with the ME/EX versions will have to wait for another translation...

Translation Notes:

The past few weeks after translation "finished" have been incredibly busy thanks to testing, debugging and general fixing, but finally...

Team fluffy is delighted to announce the release of the Little Busters! complete translation patch.
The impatient one may proceed to download it here

Four and a half years after the original game was released, three and a half years after the translation project started, and two years after our 50%, A.K.A. common route patch, this product of our labor allows you, the player, to experience the game in full, from beginning to end, non-stop, in English.

This patch contains every character route, every minigame and everything else translated.
It also includes our recommended set of fonts.

No machine translation was hurt during production.

We apologise in advance in case this disturbs your family's holidays.

and for those people with EX/ME

In order not to delay the release of the main patch above, we skipped some of the polish from the EX/ME script. We have tried to make these as enjoyable as possible with the translated material presently available. Thus some of the more critical new lines amidst the otherwise translated scripts have already been translated, but not all of them.

  1. These extra patches give EX/ME working minigames, but in return they have a certain amount of untranslated lines here and there, for systemic reasons.
  2. There are also known issues that would've been too much work to fix for this release - the biggest one is one where lines with the same Japanese text receive the same translation everywhere in the script. This causes some errors in minigames, but also makes some lines appear rather weird at places in the script.
  3. You will not find new content in the routes with this patch, because that is the greater part of the problem itself. Instead you will get THE original Little Busters! routes in all their glory. All new content beyond that will have to wait for its appropriate releases.
  4. Muscle Sensation doesn't work in this patch. Sorry, there's just no way around this until we get around to properly re-translating the Kud route.

Little Busters! Ecstasy First Press Limited Edition owners do not need to install the Little Busters! EX 1.01 patch to use our translation.

I know this isn't really a review but I will have my top ten anime of the year list up soon.


Little Busters English Patch

Memorial Edition


Little Busters on VNDB


  1. It's about damn time bro but hmm yeah i am happy to see this out.

  2. Ai Caramba! Getting the game NOW.

  3. got any link for ex translation?

    1. yeah i do here is link below

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