Friday, December 16, 2011

Witch-Hunt's Final Patch Is Out

Ange Getting Some Pay-Back
For those who have been waiting very patiently "for nearly a year now", the final patch for Umineko answer arcs or 5-8 is finally out. After this long ass waiting period we can finally found out what happened on the island..or we will be fucking trolled by Bern and Lambdelta all over again. Sadly I can not spoil this "you must make/reach this decision for yourself at the end of arc8".

Keep in mind this one simple question "is it magic or a trick", will determine the entire outcome for the series "just make sure to save before hand". That's it everyone let me know your decision in the comment section below. As an early gift I will host a hyper-link to the patch and where to order the game. Oh and I do apologize for any spoilers... but get the hell over it.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Final Patch

Legally Purchase The Game

Best Bgm Ever "Birth of a New Witch"


  1. Gee, thanks for putting a huge spoiler on the beggining of the post. I'm sure it won't ruin the story for anyone who hasn't read it yet.

    Seriously, stupidity has its limits. You must mentally retarded to do something like this.

  2. Heh you mad bro, however is that truly battler or is some one else?? Just remember battler did die that die in 1986, there is no changing that. If you are going to insult me try harder bro.

  3. That's still a spoiler. I'm insulting you, yes, because you're being a dickhead to everyone who didn't read EP8 yet. I already did, thankfully, but you gotta be a little more thoughtful of others unless you would like to have your scrotum shoved in your mouth.

  4. well true enough I am doing to be troll, I changed the pic as well to a cap. However most will not know how to obtain that ending. I am a little apologetic if I pissed you off bro.