Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Series To Watch Out For Fall 2011.. Future Diary!!

Don't Worry..Yuno Will Play Nice!
This fall 2011 anime season is shaping up to be pretty decent so far, however most are just squeal/prequel series or remakes of shows. This is not really a bad thing per-say, I just want to watch something a little more original or not been adapted into series already. As luck would have it Future Dairy or "Mirai Nikki" is getting an anime adaption that will start airing October 9th 2011 on Tokyo MX. The main focus of the story is much like Higurashi/Umineko or even Steins;Gate.  Normally I don't get to hyped over adapts that much anymore "being the unbiased person that I happen to be mind you", I just happen to have some slight hope for this series. 

Yuno and Yuki

One huge reason I am lingering on to some little hope is that I want to see the last two volumes of the manga released in the states due to Tokyo pop going out businesses "being left in limbo with two volumes left sucks a**". Now if you happen love yandere arc type characters this will fill that void in greatly for the early fall season, "epically this being month of horror/terror." Well guys watch the preview video below and leave your thoughts of what you think. I will catch you all around later and lets hope it gets picked up for a legal stream license.. if not time to buy another external HD

-Cecil The Dark Knight
Preview Video

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