Monday, September 5, 2011

Really Square-Enix Really??????

The Image above pretty sums up my feelings for the amount of blunders that Square-Enix is making lately. My faith or just steady decline in this company has just slipped ever since FF-13 "which needs no explanation." Another small beef is the long delay of  FF-13 Versus "which is finally in full production now". So hey square managed to cut-off some hate I had lingering there.. However the biggest disappointments so far is the fact that square is milking FF-13 in a trilogy and what they are doing with Dragon Quest X.. I will discuss more of this below.

To me personally Dragon Quest/Warrior has always been a big part or reason why I love RPG's. I still happen to own a legal hard copy of the original nes game so that says a lot for me. Hell I could even do reviews for the games if the need arises, however I will not do that as of now. The main reason that I am personally pissed off is the fact that square-enix is taking Dragon Quest X and making it into an MMORPG.. or a massive online game with monthly fee's. Now I could have accepted this on the Ps3 or even the 360 but it's going to be on the worst console for online gaming, the Nintendo Wii.

Best Choice In DQ-5
 Really?? Are they trying to annihilate some of the hard-core fans from playing this game  or is this the company completely giving up at this point? I am not saying online rpgs on the console are going to bad, "Phantasy Star Online for the Sega Dreamcast proved me wrong ten years ago". All I am trying to do, is point out that the Wii is not the best choice for online gaming. With no voice chat, Instant between online friends huge lag from wifi "games mainly that do have it", this better have a damn good built in custom engine that allows you do that.

If this game does not it will flop really damn hard state side due to the usual WoW fan-base here. Perhaps I am just little pissed that there is no single player in the game.. I have always been solitary in Dragon Quest However I might be proven wrong but only time will tell. On the down low, it's possible play solo you must have an internet connection/be connected online all the time to do so.. oh well no biggie..I suppose that I am mores pissed off that square is doing another FF-13 and hearing this on the same day just added more to that, feel free to watch some trailers below and peace out.

My Hard-Copy of The First Game

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. I have enjoyed Dragon Quest games over the years, but not really a fan of this online only thing. not everyone has an internet connection or available wifi and that just seems to kill the game for me.

  2. Personally the only works of Square Enix I liked were the FF7 games, FF9 and Kingdom Hearts