Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall is here... So here are some titles that I will be watching this season

Your Gonna Get Invaded

So with the summer season finally wrapping up nicely, it is time to decide what shows that I will be watching for Fall 2011. My list for the fall season  is pretty shabby so far, however I will be updating when C.R.announces their full fall simulcast line-up. Now despite the legality of watching some other shows, I will watch these four shows by any means necessary.  I just happen to be  that type of "wonderful" person after all. So with out further ado here are the first three shows I will be watching this fall season.

1.)Squid Girl II


3.)Future Dairy

4.)Working II

5.)Guilty Crown


7.)Shana III

Don't Make Me Kill You...

Squid Girl 2 or season two is the only series that has a legal simulcast so far this season but it's not that big of surprise due in part that crunchy roll streamed the first season. If you wish to take a look a the fall-lineup chart then be my guest. So just out of curiosity everyone, what will you be watching this fall season?? Just feel free to leave your comments below and let me know. Well I am off for now, so lets kick October in to high gear and have some fun, catch you all around later.
Update One : It Seems that Crunchy Roll picked up two more of the shows,so there links are provided. There is still no changes in my watch list as of yet.. heh.. I think I am getting to old for this shit.

Misaka's Everywhere

Update Two : Well Funimation seems to have learned that streams are really important before sales of a series. With that said they teamed up with Nico Nico's streaming site and they are streaming series using their video service. So this means even more legal options are open for streams with shows like Future Diary, C3 etc. On the subject at hand I will be watching Guilty Crown and Future Diary there and using CR for other shows.

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. A new Fate series?! Badass! Perhaps when if it hasn't already you could post a decent sub group for it? I'm already watching Ika musume! Loved that show! *glee*

  2. Tried watching squid girl one, I just couldn't get through the first episode... I'll try to get through it all.
    I wonder if we will get to see baby Illya in the fate prequel.