Sunday, October 9, 2011

So I have Over 20,000 HIts...

Let's Get Shit Faced Nipha~

Huh.. for my little site being up over six months now its nice to see the traffic has racked up around 20,000 hits so far. Eh I know that's highly nothing special in this day/age of the internet that doesn't mean a damn thing, with major sites getting that per hour. However it's nice to know that some people are looking at are browsing my site " I really can't think of reason why". Well I know that I have been rather lazy as of late due something with this site so..guess what?? Get over it, I will have more post up soon plus some reviews as well. Make sure to check out my review archive to see all the reviews I have done so far and feel free to comment on them. Well now.. I will catch you all around later, try no to think to hard or you might hurt yourself.

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