Thursday, October 6, 2011

Being Generous So... Links For The Fate/Stay Night VN Torrent

Oh Look.. It's Saber.. GUH!!!

Still no reviews/previews are up yet and I apologize for that by sharing a torrent link with one of the most famous visual novels ever Fate/Stay Night. This is something I usually do not do, however I fell like it's a decent make up for the lack in the site lately. I also think this is decent timing with the new series that's out for the fall line-up so everyone can experience the series from the original source material. I hope you enjoy these gifts and please make sure.. Buy a copy when you're able to show your support, catch you all around later.

DS Version
You will need a flash card/Vn Scriptwriter to play this

PC Version W/ Voice Patch

Edit: Just to let all know  this is my first and last torrent hosted post. I am really trying to hard to get support from jast-usa, cruncy-roll and ann. If I do host any more links they will be ddl links from my media-fire account. These will usually be just hard to find partial or full english patches for visual novels/eroges that are removed or lost due to official releases/ C&D letters.

Fate/Stay Night Ova Op


  1. alright, I'll try this one so anything I need to now before I start? never saw the anime version.

  2. I haven't seen the anime version either, got the vn near the start of summer. I'm not sure if there is a difference between versions because mine has a paths tree that lets you choose scenes while some versions don't.

  3. I never played the original game for this as, at the time I had no interest in what I heard was just an ero-game. The anime, movie and sequel series of the anime leaves me curious though.
    If you haven't played it yet, check out Fate/Extra the new RPG type moon put out on the PSP. It's an interesting new approach. though as I haven't completed it yet I don't know exactly how it ties together or IF it ties together with the fate story other than loose ties like familiar servants and tohsaka rin.