Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh I See What You Want!!

Well with the poll closed for what visual novel I should play/stream next in a close vote between shuffle coming in second. In all honesty I really didn't expect any of you want to see Higurashi.. I just hope you all realize you're in for long haul. Each arc last around can last around ten to twelve hours, so just get your-self ready and prepare for some total mind-fu**. Actually this in just perfect for the month of October being the month of horror/mystery/murder. I will start live streaming the visual novel starting on the 8th, so look forward to seeing it then.

Side Note: I will be using the ps2 sprite Hack for the game, however there is no voice over patch what soever. I really wish there was, but I am unable to do anything about that.

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. I hope I can get in to watch some of your play through of higurashi. My work schedule might prevent a lot of my attendance though.

  2. Shuffle was so close as well :(
    While I like Higurashi it's just not the same without hearing Nipah~ and Shuffle has my fifth favorite character lisianthus, who is behind Kurisu Makise,Kanako, Tomoyo Sakagami and Mai Kawasumi