Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat: Have Some Free/Legal Visual Novels

Such Misfortune
So it's time for Halloween with many tricks or treats. Instead of giving out tricks this time I am going to be generous and give away links to free indie visual novels "which are English of course". This is the least I can do for everyone for being so generous to me so far, by hanging out in my live stream channel or just reading/commenting on my post as well. I know it's been a-long since I did a review/preview for any-thing but hang in there, I have just been a little to busy watching fall shows and playing through little-busters. I do hope you all enjoy these games and leave some feed-back on them.

Five Free Visual Novels
1.) Digital: A Love Story
2.) Brass Restoration
3.) RE:Alistair
4.) True Remembrance
5.) Katawa Shoujo

Enjoy This Character Song

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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  1. I award you 777 "Awesome" units of currency.

    Seriously though, thanks!