Friday, November 4, 2011

To You of the Future - I give you every song...

Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni, also commonly named MikuKisu is an all ages Vocaloid themed Visual Novel by Supplement Time.
The game starts off with a chobits feel to it, at the time MikuKisu is set in androids are commonplace in society, from maid androids to singing androids they have many uses.

On a winters night you are walking home after drinking with some friends you notice a girl asleep on the street. At first sight she seems like a normal girl but after a closer inspection turns out to be a singing android, 01 Hatsune Miku.

After taking her home, installing her and then being glomped, you realize she can only say "mi~"
She also seems to lack standard functions which becomes a problem when getting her into some clothes.
After discovering she had to be configured, you set her language, behavior and vocal settings. This allows Miku to speak and more importantly sing.
And so begins your new musical life with Miku.

It has a linear plot so no choices in this VN, it also has quite a rapid progression due to MikuKisu's short length. But the life with Miku is enjoyable nevertheless.
The story seems to be based around a few of the more popular Hatsune Miku songs, but mentioning them will end up adding spoilers to this review. Of course a Miku fan could easily notice the links.
In fact I was never a big Miku fan, I prefered Luka's darker music, however this game has linked a great plot with the lyrics of Miku's songs, and we all know songs are better when we can link them to something.

The CG art is very well done, Miku is portrayed really well and has a brilliant smile.
As for the background art, well there aren't many backgrounds due to the lack of places visited.
Like most VNs sold at Comiket there are no voices in the game, most of the background music is forgettable as well.
It includes some of Miku's songs like White Letter and one of my favorites Time Limit which I now find kind of hard to listen to.
Unfortunately there in no music mode when the game is finished so the only way to find them again is either via the internet or by playing MikuKisu over again.
-Rating 4/5
-Age Rating Teen +15


  1. very nice review man hatsune miku has always been one of my favorite characters, thanks for the links for the others ^^

  2. a bit late but,
    gonna have this VN in my head for some time >~<
    good review