Monday, November 7, 2011

Corpse Party Release Date/Details.

Uhh.. Yeah.. That Had To Hurt.

For those who have been following news on this game or have read my previous post about it, then you know that this is first true horror visual novel/rpg to make it state side "even if it's only digital download only". The main focus of the game revolves around a group of high school friends that are trap in an condemned  elementary school. This is where a series of grizzly serial murders took place. over ten years prior school called Heavenly Host Elementary, "who would kill 10 innocent children in a grizzly matter and for what reason??"  I also wish to add this game will have one of the most note worthy Japanese va cast I have seen in a long time.

Let us move on to the main focus, which is trying to solve these murders however the biggest thing is trying to get out alive. The game is split up in to different chapters for each character which only happen to have one true/happy ending. This means if you don't play right/make the right choices you will end up dead and get the worse ending possible for each chapter that you play, "so can you get out alive, or will face a horrible fate??" Well When the game hits the PSN Nov 22nd 2011, see if you're brave enough to do so.

On Nom Nom Nom
-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. Not sure if I'd be able to play that :/
    Though it does look interesting

  2. only digital? that just screams its gonna get pirated fast, but I am curious about the game I will try to buy it if I can.

  3. I read a bit of the manga and loved it! I can't wait for this to hit the PSN!

  4. Ur gonna buy tha game I downloaded it for free and it works great, but I can't find myself to play it.