Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Looking At Secret Archives... Resident Evil 1.5

 Debug Game-Play

Some of you might be surprised to hear this, but I have been a huge resident-evil/bio-hazard fan for since the franchise started six-teen years ago. I remember dearly playing the first game over twenty times on the Ps1 and Sega Saturn all those years ago. Then slowly/waiting patiently three years for a squeal "which felt like forever when you are a kid". When I first heard that capcom was making a squeal in the summer of 96 I was really excited "especially by all of the screen shoots, leaks from game magazines such as game fan, game pro etc" Hell I even remember cutting out images and making scrap book... "shut up it was just a childish hobby"

Now i can imagine why some of you might be scratching your head saying what the hell is Resident Evil 1.5 ??.. well in all honesty I really can not blame you since many of you are probably from the ages 14-19 reading this. Resident Evil two was in development before it's release in 98 like most games but what many don't know is that the original product was scrapped at 90% park for the usual reasons within game companies. The huge difference if you have noticed is that Claire is not in the game video, that's due in part she didn't exist at all until this project was scrapped. 

Eliza, Sherry and John
The main female lead was originally Eliza Walker who was helped by sherry brikin with the gun shop owner John kendo. Leon however was still the main male lead with help from Marvin a fellow officer and Ada. What more interesting was the fact the two characters paths did not cross in the game. This mean you would play each character to get their story instead of seeing them crossing paths which in all honesty adds great to re-play value in my opinion.

Now why would I care about some old dated game that has horrible voice acting?? Well the main reason is that of the game-play if you noticed in this old trailer and the possibility of what could have been.  Zombies crawling through shutters that are only partially down, chasing after you. The tearing on clothes, bite marks the characters would show from taking damage etc. This is ultimately what I really wanted from resident evil 2 but I will still take what I have.

Leon Being A Boss

Now I could drag on forever and describe what the game was suppose to be like or play but there are tons of sites dedicated this already. My main focus is wanting to see a release or ISO dump of the tech demo that was sent to game reviewers in the states for fans to play. The only remaining copies are in a few collectors hands which are under gag orders not to lead "oh of course capcom... no fun allowed" So the chances are very slim but still exist.

Capcom has willingly threw away the project so I don't see a problem in playing a tech demo for something they no longer cares about or even acknowledges at this point in time. Even if the said person where to dump the ISO online he or she would be a hero in my opinion. I could ramble on forever but let me ask you this what would resident be like with out Claire??

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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  1. doesn't look like too bad of a game, maybe they'll make a remake of it with better graphics. though that does seem unlikely.