Sunday, November 13, 2011

Slow Poke Here..Making A Japanese Xbox Live Account

My Set-Up
This is just something I have done recently discovered out of boredom and learned you can play Japanese games on your x-box. However there is catch like with all recent hard-ware that has region locking, however this will allow you play digital copies or demos from your HDD. Now you might be saying what is the whole point in doing this?? Well it's good way to get a-hold of demo's early for Japanese games that might take up to year to come out in the west. The downside is that you need make a repartee profile from your own which some are not willing to do. 

However all digital content can be played through any profile as long as the both profiles are on your HDD which leaves little room for concern. Now the only major problem I have run across is that some games require Microsoft points to buy them and american cards will not work with the account so I learned a lesson there. However if you have credit card/debit card then you should be fine. The biggest hurdle is making the separate account so follow the directions to a letter from this site. So will you be making a Japanese x-box live account now??

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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