Thursday, September 1, 2011

Woah...A Japanese Horror Game Heading State Side For The Psp

Hmm Those Urinals Need Some Cleaning...
So to kick the month off I am going to share this tidbit of good news with you psp/horror game called Corpse Party "yeah it's lame name". In all honesty I really have not been excited to play a psp in a long time but the premise alone for this game sends chills through my spines every which way possible. The basic premise is that four to five high school teenagers are stuck in a haunted elementary school to where grizzly murders of four children took place back in the mid to late 70's. 

The original game it's self was made in RPG Maker, so getting a full remake for the psp should say a lot already for the game. It seems that X-Seed games knows what people want to play for this fall season, so just look forward to playing it, however as of now it's a digital download only through the PSN. I personally don't have a problem with that, I was just hoping to pick up a special edition for the game. Well lets kick off this month with a great start and get this ball rolling.

 Official Preview

 -Cecil The Dark Knight

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  1. I didn't play the original PC game this game has spawned from but I did read some of the manga and it is pretty freakin sweet. Some of the characters shown died pretty badly, the video intro for the new psp game is very promising. Definitely going to pick this one up. I'll give me a chance to dust off my psp

  2. This game is very terrifying and very interesting, Its Trailer makes me want to play. so cool!!!

  3. Catherine and this, looks like game companies are getting smart.