Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beta Patch For Umineko Is Up

Stand Back and Observe
As I previously stated I am helping to promote a sprite/background patch for the first four arcs of umineko. The original project is long since dead and due to my lack of knowledge in programming/modding this is all I can do for the people over at Tweaking Umineko Wiki. As of now there are there parts up for the patch that you will need to download in order to make this work, when I get the chance I will create a torrent file on nyaa torrents and seed the best I am able to. So let's give a big round of applause to those that have made this possible, and lets look forward to a complete patch here in the future. 

In order to make these patches work as I just stated you will need to download three separate files that will be listed below. After you download the files make sure to re-name them the correct name and put them in the English [wh] patch folder or else the patches will not work at all. Their website has more clear/laid out instructions on how to do this so go to their site and slowly READ on how to do it. I also wish to apologize on my lack of reviews as of late, but I have some major personal issues going on so it can't be helped. Catch you all later and wish me luck.

Edit: I have done a small update to add more links for the voice patch and you-tube page. There are still things to be done for this patch, I will do my best to keep you all informed and updated to the best of my ability. Update: 9/4/11

Yes This Is Your Fate Battler..

Beta Patch Proof

Much Better

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Text Patch

Sprite Patch

Background Patch

Tweaking Umineko Wiki

Voice Patch Part One

Voice Patch Part Two

You-Tube Page


  1. I am almost done stabilizing our new nscript.dat for a full beta release :D Hang tight, it might even be tomorrow depending on Eve.

  2. I have programming skills but it really depends on the engine that the game runs on, and I am busy with my own project, and I'm lazy...
    Anyway, I think I'll go try this out. That bottom pic is really creepy though.

  3. @Daggerd that's the point bro, Beatrice just loves to torment battler over and over again... well now I am dwelling to deep into my own thing ahem

    @Saq hmm a complete complied script?? well i will hang on a bit but this is good news on some level, I really just want to see arc 4 voiced over due in part of how lovely the anime kicked you in the balls over it.

  4. Are these the updated graphics? I think I really got spoiled over the anime. Battler's face looks so...fat

  5. Hey, the patches have been reupdated. ~Saq

  6. Btw, the bottom picture is the updated graphics. Compared to the PS3 version, the anime actually didn't spoil you.