Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Legit/Legal Way To Read Manga Online

J-Manga's Launch
Yes I am promoting a new legit/legal site that is legally hosting digital copies of manga online called J-Manga "however this is for people state side only so learn to proxy if you need to". Much like any other site like crunchy roll, hulu plus etc you need to pay a monthly fee of ten dollars to accesses most of the content. However there is a catch.. your monthly subscription comes with a points/voucher that you are allowed to spend. 
The points allow you to buy chapters of certain series that are currently hosted on their site and one huge plus is that they are doing series that have never been published in paper back state side, so this is great exposure for the series. On a down side only being allowed a certain amount of points per month does limit what one is able to buy and what is exposed. I do like the premise of this site and hope for the best.

Cecil The Dark Knight

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  1. I've been curious about this for a little while now. I had wondered what the subscription had entailed but my floundering about on the site didn't really teach me much. Glad someone has finally gotten a good idea like this