Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Support The Ps3 Localization of Umineko

Official Art-work From The Game
Yeah I know this goes way back to a post that I made about three months ago, about the Ps3-PC patch for Umineko. Well as of now it seems that project is officially on a permanent hiatus and some other things have come to light on the subject. It seems that there is a-lot of support on the Nisa forums to bring over the game state side legally. I recently just bought a legal copy of the PC version for the core arc's "one through four" and I am currently playing through the second arc right now with the witch-hunt translation

Don't Mind Me, I am Just Being A Boss

That little bit aside If anyone can sign up and show support and help to bring this better version over legally please do, I will do my support by hosting links, trailers etc for the Ps3 version of the game. I am not going to sit here lie by saying this isn't a long-shot but come on everyone do the impossible, believe the unenviable, row row fight da power. Well I will catch catch you all around here soon and until next time, peace out everyone.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Show Your Support "Nisa"
Ps3 Opening For Umineko


  1. See, if this was me posting at the end I would have put a picture of Nayuki and written Fight-o!

  2. its a real long-shot that this might work, but stranger things have happened, here's hoping for the best.

  3. I'd love to see this hit the states! Though I have to say, I really can't stand the protagonist's name. "Battler"? Really? If Beatrice didn't kill them I'd probably wanna kill my parents for naming me something like that, lol