Sunday, August 14, 2011

How Fragile Our System Really Is

Self Realization On This

Well after sitting in the dark for nearly eight hours with out anything to eat... I just got to thinking how fragile our little civilization really is. All it takes is three simple things go completely down so I will just list them. Now if the internet to go completely down, "personally I grew up with out the net but we have all come so accustom to it that's it's just to ingratiated in our lives now." Now some examples would be that people would be unable to do their  stay at home jobs, take online classes, sell stuff online, streaming movies/videos and digital distribution would be completely gone as well, It's kinda staggering when you get to really thinking about it.

Indeed Rika-Chan

The Second thing is just what I went through, it's something that people have really grown used to in the past one hundred years... can you guess what it is.. it's electricity. So much of our daily lives rely heavily on electrical devices that to be frank if our power grids ever fell were fucked. There would be no way to keep food cold, no way to contact people over the phone, no way to pump gas for cars or keep our lovely prison population locked up. Yeah... I am borrowing a bit from one of George Carlin's act but he does make a good point about something else as well... Given our nature we would start looting, killing, raping, because there would not be a way to stop us, no power=no police force.

Most Likely This Would Happen

The last  thing is just a nail in the coffin or cream on the cake. This would be no quick way to clean water. Sure we could adapt with natural gas to run some power or go with nuclear power but if we have no accesses to clean water then let the riots begin. One of the main reasons is due in part that there hardly any if at all cleans sources of water left because of our progression we have made which has left most of the rivers highly toxic/polluted, dear lord I sound like a damn green Eco Freak.. This is just some examples of what can happen to our little fragile system.. Three simple things can just make our mighty society fall so damn easily.

-Cecil The Dark Knight


  1. So if I happened to have an EMP, and launched it at, say... America, society there would fall. That would probably effect the rest of the world.

  2. that's why we like to stock up on bottled water and toilet paper.