Friday, August 5, 2011

Stein's Gate VN Progress

OST Cover
This is just a small update to let you all know that the Stein's Gate Visual Novel is getting a few visual novel English translation from a hard/dedicated group. This is the only other visual novel besides Higurahsi/Umineko and Clannad that I can openly recommend to the all ages audience as well. That aside I am really exited about their small amount of progress they have made so far. I have already ordered my copy for the p.c. version from Japan so when the full translation is up that will be even more time taken out of my life. Stein's Gate also happens to be one of the best spring/summer shows for 2011 and I will have my review covering the show up soon, although it's posted on earlier date so I will provide a hyper-link for the review soon.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

Translation Site

Official Patch

Steins Gate Anime Opening Hacking Into The Gate


  1. Bought the game at the same time as I started watch though anime, I stopped playing after the intro though. Too hard for me to translate and I gave up on atlas after it's terrible job with 11eyes.

  2. hmm I think 11 eyes has a fan one as well but steins gate progressing this quickly in this short amount of time is just amazing.

  3. =D I didnt even know there was a visual novel