Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mayo Chiki Upadte For Epiosde Four

Your Little Sister Is On To You..

Mayo Chiki has to be one of the most over the top cliched shows this season. However I still find it to be very enjoyable unlike some other shows this season. I just caught up on episode four of the show and I have to say the female lead is an actual enjoyable character this time around, unlike other harem/romance anime that have been coming out lately.  A bad example of this would be the bitchy female lead from Ore No Imouto. However I don't feel like ranting about that now, on to a brief summary for each episode, and I will try to keep them brief.. If possible

Episode four mainly focused on the relation-ship between Kinjiro and Subaru which really brings it up there, despite Kinjiro being dense as a black-hole.. well for moment anyways. The episode starts out with Kinjiro answering the door to see that Subaru has been kicked out of her house/job due in part of Kanade's wonderful nature "It's all Just a part of  her sadistic nature after all." This turns out to be a typical episode with misunderstandings due in part all of Kinjiro's relatives are not not home, his sister is off on camp retreat while his mom is doing something over-sea's.. heh this just writes it's self.

...Just So Moe~
I will be honest with you seeing Subaru act all dere or nice/cute like in the pic above.. it's just to much for my body to handle. Moving on past that Kinjiro's sister comes back home to catch both of them in the bathroom together but due to how dense his sister is, she still thinks Subaru is still a guy and nearly faints seeing him/her in the bathtub. So was there anything special this time around?? Eh not really but the relation-ship between both of these characters did grow a-lot and I just hope they end up together despite the huge surprise at the end of the episode, where Kanade out of no where kisses Kinjiro. Even this happened to catch me a little off guard.. but maybe it will turn out for the best.

Well This Is Going To Be Fun!!


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