Monday, August 1, 2011

What!!!!.. it's over 9000????!!!!!! Hit's keep on growing

This Pleases Lady-Bern!
So hmm it seems that over ten thousand people have visited my little site so far in only five short months. Yeah i am sorry for the dragon ball z pun in the title about it being over nine thousand but I didn't know what else to say... I am just very surprised to be honest with you.. but then again I am trying my best to run this site at the best of my ability. So.. what am I going to be doing as of now.. well hmm.. I am still working on some reviews and I will have those up soon as I am able to, just refer to my previous post to see what's going to be posted, so check back daily. Well thank you everyone for the ten thousand plus hits and I hope this blog continues grow thanks to you all.
-Cecil The Dark Knight

Below is the weirdest op from one of the most mind-fu** series I have ever seen, well before Higurashi that is.. So feel free to enjoy this

Paranoia Agent Op

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  1. Congrats.
    Paranoia Agent was a good watch as well. Can't remember much of it apart from suicide group that try to kill themselves all episode and at the end find out they are dead.
    As much of a Mind Fu** as it was I think Evangelion was Mind-Fu**ier ... that's not a real word.