Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Reviews To Be Up Soon

Yeah, Yeah.. I have been a little lacking in this lately.. Some things have come up that have just kept me a little busy. I am currently working on six different reviews as of now, so when I am able to get them up there will be hyper links posted to them. Heh.. if there is anything you all want to me review or do a mock review of just let me know.. I do need to do something to get my mind off of all my troubles. Also for those who haven't read my rail-gun review.. Do it already you fa****. That's it for know, I am off to play Catherine so I will catch you all later.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

R-15 Review

Higurashi Kira Review

Stein's Gate Review

Rail-Gun Manga Review
Also feel free to enjoy my favorite from one of my all time favorite series.. Zero No Tsukaima.. Let's hope the creator makes it through surgery okay.

Update the creator of Zero No Tsukaima is now out of surgery and it appears to be doing fine as of now.


  1. Love the pic at the top. I am planning on doing a Steins;Gate review when it finishes.
    Still waiting for a new season of Zero no Tsukaima to be announced, there are enough chapters out to make a new season.

  2. maybe I should do a review, but what series and can I make non-bias? anyways take your time man no ones rushing you.