Thursday, July 21, 2011

J-list and Manga Gamer Team Up!!

Niipha~ Desu~
So what does this really mean for visual novel/ergoe lovers??  Well for people like me and others like to own physical copies of games, it is now a possibility due to this partnership. J-List will be making the hard copies of some select manga-gamer games giving collectors like me a chance to brag/show off. I also wish to add that School Days HQ pre-orders are finally being taken on j-list, so if you want a copy of the game pre-order while you can. The last thing I wish to update you all on is that the new Higurashi Kira ova is officially out day, so it's only a matter of time before it's uploaded for everyone to enjoy. Hmm.. Well That's all for now, I will keep everyone updated and some links are provided below for both Higursahi and School-Days.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

School-Days HQ

Higurashi Vol 1 (arcs 1-4)

Higurashi Vol 2 (arcs 5-8)

News Link

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