Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I am currently Playing.. small update for summer 2011

Midnight Gaming Again 
Heh so lately I have been slowly getting back into my old gamer habits again. I decided to take a break after playing pretty much every generic brown shooter or shitty generic role playing game "I personally refuse to call some titles jrpgs or wrpgs, the are all the same to me". That small bit aside it seems the game industry is finally getting off it's ass and releasing games like Catherine or Infamous 2 which are not only fun to play but tell a great story, have depth and are not afraid to push the boundary. I am also thinking of doing some normal game-reviews besides the visual novels that I play all the time on the PC, due in part it does appeal to wider audience.. but I am still debating if they should be nice titles like Disgaea or Persona 4. If any of you wish to hit me up on any of the three major platforms feel free to check out this previous post and add me, don't worry I don't bite..well maybe. Well that's it everyone I will catch you all around later, have a good one and keep enjoying your summer. 

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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