Friday, July 1, 2011

Nearly 6000 Hits So Far.

So with nearly 6000 hits so far in only three short months, I do feel like it's a time for a bit of celebration. That number isn't anything I do realize this compared to nearly what most sites get per day. However I find this to be a good start thus far. Oh I hope you all did enjoy the Final Fantasy Four DS Opening as much as I do. I am your reviewer "Cecil The Dark Knight" after all, where else did you think I got the name from? "Also having the last name Cecil seemed to have helped in that decision as well."  Despite the original Game being nearly over twenty plus years old already it is and will always be my all time favorite Jrpg

Let's move on past this, for those who don't know I have set up the site now to where any-one can post with an log in account. So to the anon's of 4chan play nice, after all I am a old fag after all and being lurking around there since 04. So what I am going to do for this near celebration?? Well The only thing I can do is just finish up my two reviews for spring line up before the summer line-up hits into full swing. Also I do plan to have a another manga review up soon, from a really unexpected title so look forward to that as well. That's all I have to say to everyone, have a good summer and I will catch you guys around. Also feel free to leave any comments of what you think I should review I do welcome any hint's/suggestions so just leave some feed back.

-Cecil The Dark Knight

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